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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 22nd

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Happy Birthday today October 22nd

Happy 30th to actor Jonathan Lipnicki!

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Seasonal Sightings

Departed Souls

'The dead have highways, running through the wasteland behind our lives, bearing an endless traffic of departed souls'

If you checked out the recent Hulu adaptation of Clive Barker's Books of Blood, you might have caught the nude scene featuring the beautiful Ravi Gavron.  The story, based on Barker's series of books actually had a previously film adaptation featuring actor Jonas Armstrong back in 2009.  Check out and compare the nude scenes from both version on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Ravi Gavron (Inkheart)

Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood)

Rural Country Roads.... Colton North by takeapic4u

It always start on a rural country road doesn't it.  It, being the start of so many horror films. It doesn't need to be a dark stormy night for terror lurk, it's there in the sunshine as well. Sometimes the sun adds to the horror, making it impossible to hide any of the brutality and terror.  You know the story, we've seen it before.  Your car breaks down, you can't get a decent signal on your cell phone.  Your forced to walk to the broken down shack you see about a quarter mile in the distance.

There's always signs, the dirt, the smells, the animal bones spewed across on the lawn.  You ignore them, you have to, your desperate.  Contrary to popular believe, fear doesn't make you smarter, it can often make you stupid. Why else would so many college students die so easily in so many movies. The desperation causes you to miss things, to ignore signals, and to welcome darkness that you'd under normal circumstance, you'd know to avoid.

Besides, when he first appears he seems friendly.  He has a sweet face and warm eyes, and although your nervous, you notice he's sexy.  Besides, he says he wants to be helpful.  He's a country boy for sure, yet strangely clams to know nothing about cars.  Another signal you ignore. He tells you to sit, he'll go inside and call a garage for a tow.  He promises to return with something cold to drink.

He returns quickly, too quickly to have made a phone call or poured a glass of ice tea.  He also looks different, he dressed exactly the same, but there's something new in his eyes.  When he first saw you, he expressed surprise, then offered welcomed assistance.  Now, his eyes seem more focused, the baby blues have a plan.  There's no ice tea in his hands, they're used to quickly remove his shirt and overalls.  You remain in your chair, in part from fear, in part from interest.  He's now only in long johns, explaining away his undressing by saying he spilled tea on himself when inside.

Up until his return, your fear was controlled, off in the distance, nearby by not imminente.  Those once sweet blue eyes are now sinister and his smile is now trying to cover what's about to happen.  You rise quickly, mumble about leaving something in the car.  Before a step can be taken, he swings the pipe.  He stand over looking at you on the ground. You fight to hold on to consciousness as long as your can.

Although you never fully pass out, you're unable to fight.  He easily lifts you back into the chair.  Unable to fight, he easily bounds your hands and feet to the chair..  You try to cry for help, but nothing really comes out but a gurgling whisper.. He drags you, chair and all across the lawn and into the barn. He laughs as he tells you there's not another human around for miles.  He doesn't bother even trying to muffle the various sounds you struggle to get out.

As you sit paralyzed, both physically and emotionally with fear, it begins.  It's a ritual and although not fully lucid, you know he's performed it many times before.  As he slips off his long johns his eyes never leave you.  He wants to see your reaction and to gage your level of terror and fear.  When he's fully naked he look for your approval, wants to know what you think.  When you don't respond, he grabs your chair and shakes it.  For the first time his face doesn't bother trying to hide his rage, it erupts violently and uncontrollably.  What happens in that barn...  see the results on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 21st

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Happy Birthday today October 21st

Happy 37th to actor Aaron Tveit! 

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A Terrifying Ten


FH's HALLOWEEN countdown begins!  Ten terrifying days to go!

The Desolate Soul: Colton North by takeapic4u

What exactly happened in that barn?  Was there anyone on that rural country road to hear the ear piercing scream?  Officially, according to the local police department, nothing happened.  Just one of the many unsolved and forgotten missing person cases in that small rural community.  Another case the town's sheriff cares little to nothing about. The cabin's owner, coincidentally, also the sheriff's younger brother, isn't talking, and the victim... they were never found nor heard from again.   After their afternoon of torture pain, my guess is that they ended up in a mass grave hidden somewhere on the property.

Thankfully, the day was chronicled by photographer takeapic4u with both he and the murdering model striking the perfect menacing tone.  Although 25 year old Colton North gets fully into character, this was actually his first professional shoot.  Prior to this, the Minnesota model's Model Mayhem portfolio consisted mainly of images taken by friends.  Photographer David Larson saw Colton's images on Model Mayhem and, got in contact about scheduling a shoot.

Despite taking on the role of an ax-wielding psychopath, Dave describes Colton as a sweet and friendly guy who was a pure joy to work with.  They collaborated creatively throughout the process and were basically in sync with most aspects of the shoot, except maybe. the bow tie, which  Dave thought was a subtle, but horrific nod to A Clockwork Orange  Give this was his first time doing a horror themed shoot, Dave wanted everything to visually work.  He practiced especially hard to get the blood just right in look, color and texture. 

'I saw his boyish, good looking kid next door face and contacted him to learn more. We discussed what kinds of shoots we were interested in doing and came up with this maniac/psychopath ax wielding lumberjack type' 

'David and I were kindred spirits in that sense, as he has done a lot of photography around the world.  We talked on the phone initially about a few logistics of the shoot, and we eventually got around to discussing theme options. I knew I wanted to have an outdoor/nature themed shoot, and David had a private farm land which would make it easy to shoot nudes. The bloody lumberjack theme developed over the next couple days of messaging back and forth. Having recently gotten back from an extended camping trip, I already had a bit of that scruffy outdoors look that brought us to our final decision.'

'David and I worked really well together, between his technical experience and my artistic influences, I never felt we were stepping on each other's toes and we were both open to each other's suggestions throughout the process. Though I don’t have any previous shoots to compare it to, I would say I had a great experience. I think the photos were better than I could have imagined them.

Although this was my first time shooting nudes, it didn’t feel too much different than shooting with clothes on. Other than being a little chilly in mid-October. I did try to get to the gym more often in the weeks preceding the shoot, but I wasn’t too concerned about my body image for this. I think facial expression and character in the photos were the more important part of what we were trying to capture.'

'As for the chicken house photos, I wanted to present a softer side that promoted the more innocent farm boy look with an incredible body to share. I distinctly noticed more than one of the chickens blush!! Colton was a natural from the start and I fully hope to take advantage of shooting with him again as soon as possible. I think we got some amazing shots to share with anyone that likes great looking young guys, hot farmers, or scary psycho killers covered in blood.'

Books of Blood

'She had made them a promise, a promise I would have to keep. And their stories kept coming, day after day, night after night. She kept me locked in the estate she bought with all the money she made from her books, reading my skin.'

Jonas Armstrong (2009)

Irish actor Jonas Armstrong first took on the role of Simon in the 2009 adaptation of the Clive Barker series Book of Blood.   Until hearing about the recent version, I hadn't heard of Jonas before, but after checking out his role in Books, I wanted to learn more.

Armstrong has been acting since the early 2000's starting with roles on British television in productions including; Teachers, Robin Hood and Prisoner's Wives. If you check out the 2009 version of the story, you'll see Armstrong shows a wee bit more skin than what's shown in the recent version.  The character also seems to have been given a bit more emphasis than the Hulu vision of the story.

Ravi Gavron 2020

Although filmed in Nova Scotia Canada, the 2020 Hulu production of Books of Blood also starred a European actor, this time, London born Rafi Gavron. Rafi's mostly worked in the US with roles on television including the shows; 24, CSI: Miami and Parenthood.  Rafi also appeared in last years big screen adaption of A Star Is Born and in the recent adaptation of Catch-22.

Dressed to Kilt Fashion Show

Although there wasn't quite as much skin the 2020 re-make, the CFNM and embarrassment themed element made is especially hot...

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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 19th

Matt by Unlimited Male 
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Room With A View

Beware: Danger Ahead....

Kio Cyr

They look cute now, but you know the changes that can occur when the clock strikes midnight on All Hallow's Eve....  It's that time of year again....  Some FH viewers love it, others loath it.  It's Halloween!  

Beginning this week, our favorite hunks take a turn to the dark side.  Check out my celebration of  the sinister, and all things that go bump in the night.  You've been warned, it all appears innocent now, but it's going to get violent, and more than a little bloody!

The Art of the Porn Parody

'What do you want?'

'To see what your insides look like.'

I am not a big fan of porn, but I do love erotic visuals and porn stars often make the best models.  Given their profession, their creative boundaries tend to be limitless and most know instinctively how best to pose and use their bodies for striking imagery. 

I remember when I was a teenager that I didn't need to watch an adult film to feel it's impact.  Often, it a visit to the video store, and a glance at the DVD covers, could hold me over for a weekend.  Most films are no longer bought or rented, and there isn't as much need to get artistic with promotional images and cover art.  One of the exceptions however, is Halloween and the studios annual horror movie parody. 

Almost every horror movie has been parodied in porn, in both straight and gay genres.  When I was compiling a list of 'horror hunks' to spotlight this October, the image above a flashing Ghostface turned up in my search.  (I think I was searching for naked Ghosts, as one does....)  Scream has been parodied several times with film titles from Creamed and of course Moaned. 

Now I have to admit, I have not seen either Creamed or Moaned, but I did check out their cover art.  That had me looking for other Halloween themed porn parodies, and the cover art and poster for the films.  Check out some of my favorites on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Some of the films I actually want to watch, and some, by the covers anyway, look even scary!  Porn parodies tend to put a bit more money into production, at least for the films first few minutes, before the clothes come off and the sex begins.   For a minute or two, you feel like you're watching an actual film, but just.... for that minute or two...