Monday, May 17, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 17th

Above: The incredible Samuel Allerton (see more below).

Happy Birthday today May 17th to:

Happy Birthday today May 17th to:

Derek Hough turns 25 today.

Tony Parker turns 28 today.

Sendhil Ramamurthy turns 36 today.

Jordan Knight turns 40 today.

Cameron Bancroft turns 43 today.

David Eigenberg turns 46 today.

R.I.P to Bill Paxton

Congratulations Jensen Ackles

You know I have not watched one minute of Supernatural nor did I see Jensen on Days Of Our Lives, but yet he is a favorite. He was one of the first guys I profiled when I started FH. He seems like such a nice guy. I first saw him in Smallville and Dawson's Creek and loved Dark Angel. I do have Supernatural season 1 on DVD and plan to give it a shot one of these days when I have time. It has quite a devoted following. Congratulations to Jensen who recently married his longtime girlfriend Danneel Harris in Texas.

Below: Jensen with Austin Peck and his co-stars from DOOL.

Last Night's TV

Last night was a nail biter on many fronts...
First off I had friends staying with me for the weekend and as much as I enjoyed our time together I was not sad when they (and their two 'sweet' children) drove away. Lets just say my animals have begged me board them out the next time they visit.
I then sat down to watch Celebrity Apprentice. Although the finales of Brothers & Sisters and Survivor were also on, I had already watched the Brothers & Sisters finale two days ago, and only flicked over to Survivor to see who won.


Well, I am not really a Holly fan so having in her the final was not reason to cheer. It was odd to me to see how much respect she got for how her charity is her life. I understand her mission, but Sharon and Brett seemed passionate, Holly to me, just seems obsessive. I still miss my Cyndi but this show, if you have not watched it, is highly entertaining. The producers thankfully only make us put up with Donald Trump for about 15 minutes each 2 hour show with the rest being the 'celebrities' going through the motion of completing tasks. Too bad the show is going back to it's old format next season.


I have only seen a bit of Desperate Housewives this past season. The show has always been tv at it's best and at it's worst. Moments of brilliance mixed with lazy storytelling got tiring a few years ago. I also think the show, starring many women actually is pretty anti-women. Nicolette's departure last spring ended my viewing. That being said, I did develop a pretty intense crush on Beau Mirchoff. He is very talented and has such a great look. I will be watching for him in future projects.


Rob Lowe, don't let the door hit ya! I like Lowe and his character Robert but...Lowe seems to struggle in ensemble pieces and this is not the first time he has left a hit show. Lowe is still hot but he does not have the acting chops to lead an hour long drama and should stick with good material when he can get it. Brothers & Sisters is one of the most flawed yet addictive shows on the air. The characters and actors hold this show together. I know I am the only one who still does not love Scotty, I still hold out hope that Eric Winter might return and steal Kevin back.


Go Sandra! You played a great game. Those who think you did little don't really know how the game is really played. Please let this be the last we see of Russell. BTW: I wish Probst would take a cue from other reality hosts and stop commenting on the game. His love of Russell and comments on the show are distracting and annoying. Just smile and announce the challenges Jeff!

BTW: R.I.P LAW & ORDER: If only NBC had given it another decade it might have found an audience. Networks invest so little in their shows these days ;) (I am sure Aylssa Milano agrees!)