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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 27th

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Seasonal Sightings

Willy's of the Valley

Beauty of the Butterfly

Curious to any FH readers recognize this series. I found it awhile ago and have been looking for more info. I'm not sure if Gialla Farfalla references the artist, or is the name of an add campaign.  I did find one photographer with the name, but it appears from the little I saw their focus seems more on nature than on nudes.

 I do know that in Italian, Gialla Farfalla means yellow butterfly, and much like a butterfly, the hot n model hovers close, drawn to the energy of the crowd.  As he flies by,  heads turn, and all eyes become focused on the eye-catching and beautiful form, close enough, to touch.

Ryan's Rear & the Curious Case of Catch Hell

'A fading Hollywood pretty-boy gets taken and brutalized in Louisiana by two local men with his total ruination at heart.'

With a focus on men in the media, I often come across scenes in which the nudity stems from depictions of violence, sexual abuse and rape.  I usually try to avoid those scenes as I'm especially comfortable with sexualizing acts of violence and cruelty.  That was the case when I first saw the nude scene from the film Catch Hell. (aka Chained)

In the 2014 thriller, Ryan Phillippe plays actor Reagan Pierce, a actor's who's career is on down slide, and who heads to Louisiana to film a new film.  Things take a turn quickly, with Reagan soon kidnapped, chained and tortured by his kidnappers Mike and Junior.  Turns out, the kidnapping, as well as Reagan's torture and humiliation is payback for an affair Mike believes the actor had with his wife.

As the film goes on, we see that Junior (Stephen Louis Grush) has a wee crush on the hot blonde Adonis chained in front of him.  Reagan senses it as well, as uses it to try get on Junior's good side which doesn't exactly end well.  Near the end of the film, Junior, thinking Reagan's out cold from a pain pill, attempts to rape him.  Reagan, awakened by a phone, fights off his attacker, and Junior ends up being dragged away by one of his pet gators.

I chose to not initially write about the film, due to the attempted rape, but given it was another butt baring from Ryan Phillippe, it was difficult to ignore.  I found it fascinating that Phillippe would take this role, given his Hollywood history.  Phillippe is a good actor, but it can't really be argued that his incredible looks were a huge part of rise in films, especially during the nineties.  It also not a secret, Phillippe has a large gay following.  In part, this was due to his ground breaking role as a gay teen on One Life To Live, but a another big part were his butt baring scenes in Little Boy Blue, Cruel Intentions and 54.

It was fascinating to me, that the actors would be so vulnerably exposed in Catch Hell, especially after learning the film was written, produced and directed by Phillippe himself.   Although I don't find violence the least bit sexual, Catch Hell went out of it's way to ensure Reagan's hot body was frequently in focus.  The kidnappers found nude shots of the actor and his female sex partners on his phone, (which they released to the press) and being chained up, Reagan was humiliated even further needing Juniors help to pee.

Phillippe directed the attempted rape scene in a way to ensure his butt got exposed not just to Junior, but to the audience, even having Reagan's butt visible through Junior's legs as he took off his pants. These choices, although gratuitous (which isn't always a bad thing) would have felt much more  exploitative if I hadn't known Phillippe not only wrote, but directed the nude scene itself.

The film has been both impressed, and curious at about the actor, and in this case, the writer and directors creative thought process.  I've tried to find an interview where Phillippe discusses his motivation, but only found a few where he talked more generally about getting his first feature off the ground.

In many ways, it feels like Phillippe is purposely using, and even mocking his reputation, and taking on how the industry, and social media can drive and often, ruin a career. I wouldn't go so far as saying 'Mike' and 'Junior' represent Hollywood and the industry, but it's an interesting parallel. In Catch Fire though, many try to fuck him over but ultimately, the actor fights back.

The Gradual Reveal: Beau Breedlove by Studio1x

'Beau is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. He has many talents, he does on line fitness training, he is a baker and has some wonderful cookbooks published, which you can purchase on line, he is a gardener, husband, father just to name a few.'

In his comments above, Jim from Studio1x describes Beau Breedlove the man, the person.  Jim discusses his personality, his skills, talents and relationships. The comments are not focused on his past or his on-line reputation, nor about his body, his muscle mass or his penis size. 

Although it may seem a bit antithetical, given FH is focused on the male form, I really try to ensure the male models that I feature are seen as more than just a assemblage of flesh and body parts.  It's important for me, whether featuring an artist, actor or model, that the subject be seen as a person, not just the possessor of a hot body.  The Internet is full of hot naked bodies, most are nameless, many, even faceless. 

Although I get the appeal, my interest in an image increases and intensifies with information.  The model's name is a good beginning, but FH readers know I love more.  It's one of the main reason I focus as much on 'story' as much as I do on visuals.  Although I know many models and artists prefer to let the images speak for themselves, there's a point in all of our lives when we move from only enjoying picture books to visuals that weave both images with words.

It is also one of the reasons I love to present a reveal.  Regular FH viewers know that I often begin features with either a portrait shot, or a shot of the model partially or fully clothed.  To me, only featuring full nude shots is a little boring.  It also means I've skipped part of the story.   I always struggle more when presenting a series of shots which all full nudes.  It's funny how many times I write a photographer requesting more images of face only shots, or of the model dressed. 

It's easier to see a model simply as a body if all that you see... is only that body.  Without context, or story, this limited view leads to complacency.  It's happened to me many times.  I remember being on tumblr, flipping through page after page of naked male bodies, rarely stopping to take a closer look.  Then, I'd see an image of a model in a pair of jeans, or in underwear, and was suddenly motivated to see more, then learn more, about the model within the image.

Being naked is in some ways an ending.  We meet most people fully dressed, and the relationship moves to a new level once a relationship is established, and then the clothing is removed.  It's a process with levels of learning and anticipation.  I know most click on FH for the bodies, but I have to think most who return time after time, enjoy the gradual reveal as much as I do.  A great reveal also requires more of the viewer.  In addition to our imaginations getting a work out, it also takes restraint and self control not to check out spoilers, and immediately scroll down to the final chapter.

In order to truly appreciate a reveal, it must be complete.  If not, it's more a tease.  It's like ripping the  gift wrapping off a box, but then, not being able to open it.  In the hands of a skilled artist, a tease can be satisfying, and not all models are comfortable having their entire package completely unwrapped. Many photographers also like to maintain a bit of mystery within their work.  With a gradual reveal however, the patience should have a pay off.

Many FH readers have already ripped off the paper and enjoyed Beau's bounty.  I previously featured Jim's work with Beau in two features in which Beau slid off his wrappings.  The first time, Beau was adorned in a pair of red long johns, (Romjul) and the second, a fake fur coat. (Shedding Fur)  Jim is one of my favorite visual revealers.  Jim painstaking photographers every second of the reveal, and although this set features a gradual reveal over about fifteen images, Jim captured every moment of Beau's baring with hundreds of shots, each documenting a the anticipation, and every split second of the gradual reveal.