Friday, June 12, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 13th

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Happy Birthday today June 13th

Happy 34th to actor Chris Evans!

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A Vintage Vantage: Can You Feel It?

Everything about this photo has that 70's retro vibe. The tight t-shirts, the hairstyles, the wood panelling and of course, the great pre-manscaping substantial bush!

Only Young Once: Shawn Andrews

'I wasn't sure at first about shooting nudes, but after awhile I just reminded myself that I'm only young once and I want to do this for my appreciation in art and there's nothing to hide. This is me.'

One of the things that drives so much of our decision making is the fear of regrets. More than almost anything; whether it be a job or financial success, marriage or children, what you don't want when leaving this earth, is a slew of regrets. This fear for many can be positive, a motivating force to take risks and move beyond your usual comfort zones. For models, the decision to step in front of the camera, especially without clothes, is very often one of those risks.

Putting one's trust in an artist and their the process, can for many be a risky endeavour. This is especially true when exposure, both body and soul, is a part of the experience. With the wrong person behind the lens, regrets are often common. With the right artist however, the experience and the results make taking on the challenge both rewarding and empowering.

27 year old Shawn Andrews has no regrets. His first experience modeling came when he lived in Kansas City. Shawn's modeling career began after meeting a photographer looking to shoot for his portfolio. From there Shawn has shot with many respected artists in Kansas, Nashville and his current home in Austin Texas.

Next two images from Digital Pixel Studios

With generally positive experiences thus far, Shawn has enjoyed the the support and encouragement he has felt since joining Model Mayhem and sharing his images with the on-line world. As for any bad experiences or strange offers, Shawn jokes that although he has had a few strange offers thus far, it's been 'mostly inappropriate requests....'

Two images below: Shawn by AJPhotographer

I was first drawn to Shawn's images after seeing his images by GR8SHOTS98. I especially loved the images they did together inside and around with the trailer. Shawn has a spectacular body and blue eyes that are both beautiful yet equally intelligent and knowing. Shawn's eyes seem keenly aware of where our eyes are focused, and in many of his images, that would directly be his incredible butt! Shawn has an instinctive, and extremely sensuous, way of posing. Beautifully positioning his body, and using his eye to create erotic and inviting captures.

Next two images: Shawn by Cfucile

'I enjoy creating art on paper. Making it into a photograph, makes it more of a reality. I love that. I think my dream scenario is either a very modern photoshoot, nude, not revealing anything, in a white bed. A lot of light, Simple. Or... the complete opposite. Something very dark, very posh/sheik.'

Last 4 images: Shawn by GR8SHOTS98

'I think one of my favorite experiences modeling so far was with GR8SHOTS98. I really enjoyed my shoot in the airstream trailer. It captured the day so perfectly. It had been raining for days, It was freezing cold and all I had was a tiny heater hahaha. The shoot felt very personal during that time; It was a great experience.'

Quaternate: James Spada

Favorite Four:

The last time I featured the work of Los Angeles photographer James Spada, I entitled the piece Sumptuous. I might be the beautiful way in which James so often drapes his models over the flowered settee or the lavish and elegant way in which he presents his models. The opulence may be in part due to all of the time James has spent covering the lives of the rich of famous in his best selling biographies. Barbra Streisand, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Redford, John and Caroline Kennedy, Princess Grace, Bette Davis, Peter Lawford, Bette Midler, Jackie Onassis, Julia Roberts and Ronald Reagan have all been subjects James has covered in his work.

If you want your own copies of Tyler, Angelo or Quinn Christopher Jaxon, you can find most of these images, and many more, on SpadaPhoto on e-bay found HERE: