Thursday, November 1, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 2nd

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Happy Birthday today November 2nd

Happy 52nd to actor Sean Kanan!

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With General Hospital brother Steven Burton

Halloween: Aftermath

The mask may have started out on his face, but this is where it ended up...

As is tradition at FH, the posts, just following my Halloween posts, include one last image (Previous Aftermath's HERE:) from well into the party, late into the night, well into the party, or early into the morning after the big night.

Horror Hunks, Coda: Down in the Mines

Anyone binge watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina over Halloween, most likely used the pause button during the shows second episode.  After her friend Susie Putnam is bullied by a quartet of high school jocks, Sabrina calls in the Weird Sisters for a little revenge.

Ty Wood

The four witches convince the four hot jocks they want to party and lure them deep down into the towns mine shafts.  Once down there, the boys have no issue, quickly removing their clothing in hopes of getting lucky, but unfortunately they only get lucky with each other...

Peter Bundic

The four jocks are lead by actor Ty Wood, (Billy)  Peter Bundic, (Carl) Aaron Hale (Seth)  and  Kavandeep Hayre. (Ed)  All are adorable, but sadly all but Ty are wearing billowing boxers.  Ty, front and center was the only one in boxer briefs.

The scene was incredibly hot, although given it was on Netflix, could have been a wee bit hotter.  My only complaint is the show using 'gay blackmail' as their revenge ploy.  The show seems overall pretty liberal in their views and have a gay character in  Ambrose, (Chance Perdomo) Sabrina's cousin. The show seems rooted in accepting the differences in others and it seemed a little weak, and very off message, for the show to use 'gay shame' as a way to terrorize the hot jocks.

Man Kind: Trent by rmark_photography

'I'm trying to create my own body of photographs, I have tried to make images that are not only creative, but positive and kind and about men.'

Kindness isn't really a word frequently associated with art and photography.  Yes of course there are many kind artists, and there many images which depict the beauty of kindness.  But... when it comes to imagery of the male form, kindness is often not a theme many photographers utilize as a theme, or use as the core value which directs their work.

Many of you may recognize magnificent Trent from my story last August, (BedRock) featuring Trent's work with Richard from The Third Eye.  The story began with an act of kindness by Trent, one another model Richard was shooting felt compelled to share. Kindness is also part of the reason that Trent ended up in front of Roger's lens.

Roger (rmark_photography) loves Richard's work, specifically, his photographs of Trent which found to be incredibly powerful.   Roger shares that he would never have had the opportunity to even have met Trent, if it wasn't for Richard, and the wonderfully lit studio that Richard spent so much time shooting in.

Roger's goal was shoot something a little different, and provide Trent with a bit of variety to add to his modeling portfolio.  His goal, was to add a color and create images with a more up-beat feel in order to contrast with the beautifully quiet and thoughtful photographs that Richard had captured.  Roger also wanted to ensure he weaved in all parts of the man he was shooting, a philosophy he heard, learned and adopted from a former psychology teacher.

'We all have in us the "Seven Deadly Sins" - greed, envy, ...  That us why all mythologies and all good film makers have stories emphasizing these characteristics. But, we also all have "The Three Graces" Love, Hope, and Charity. In today's world there is much so much prejudice, ridicule, and deliberate violence. I choose to instead celebrate Beauty, Positive Sexuality, Joy, Playfulness, Sensuality, and the best in humankind.' 

Roger shares that Trent was not only very nice and caring to him, but to every person he ever saw him interact with.  Although obviously Roger is shooting the human body, I always felt his focus was more on the human, than the body. So much of what Roger describes about Trent is not only seen in his images, and within Trent's beautifully kind eyes, it's also both seen and felt through the set of eyes on the other side of the camera.