Friday, May 7, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 8th


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Seasonal Sightings

Although Covid has put a damper on Mother's Day themed hen parties this year, here's hoping next year they'll a rousing comeback!

Mother! Oh God, Mother!

'Well, a boy's beast friend is his mother.'

When I was looking around for iconic 'movie mothers' for today, one in particular continued to pop up. As most of you know however, Mrs. Bates in 1960's Psycho didn't actually even exist.  Norma was actually Norman, and this particular mother had stopped making sandwiches and Tang for her boy years before Marian Crane pulled up to the Bates Motel.  

I did however still want to honor Norma/Norman with a few images of Anthony Perkins.  Perkins had a hot body, something that went mostly unnoticed in his signature role. Perkins is a fascinating actor to read about and one of these days I'll have to pick up one of the books written about him.  With titles like 'Split Image; and  'A Haunted Life', Perkins might just have a few of the same character traits as Norman. 

A google search led me to Perkins one and only nude scene, a brief butt baring in 1971's La d├ęcade prodigieuse .(Ten Days Wonder)  It was hard to find a decent copy on-line, but there was a version, and  a few clips on Daily Motion that I was able to download and cap.

Ten Days Wonder (1971)

Room 118 by Studio1x


This Mother's Day, the first one that I've spent all alone, I want to be indulged. I don't want sex, at least not yet, but I do want to be gratified.  I want you to spoil me, pamper me and meet all of my needs. Most of all, I want you to do it all.... completely naked.'


When Dex entered room 118, he saw the note above taped to the top of the box left on his bed.   Inside the box, there were lotions and creams, massage oils and a bottle of nail polish.  Dex wasn't exactly sure how to feel.  He was excited for sure, he always thought Mrs. Thompson, Sheila was hot, but given her son Lawrence had been his best friend since grade 1 it wasn't exactly something he talked about with anyone.

He could tell she liked him as well, but he never dared to think it was beyond just thinking he was a good kid.  She always welcomed him into her home, gave him extra portions when he stayed for dinner, and always managed to find a minute to ask how he was whenever she saw him.  Recently, he started to suspect it might be a bit more.

The last time he spent the night at Lawrence's house, she was especially friendly.  He remembered being surprised about how happy she was, especially given she and her husband had only recently broken up.  She hung out with he and Laurence in the basement, laughed at their jokes, and made a point of telling him, when Lawrence was out of the room, how handsome he was becoming.

Looking back, the biggest hint came in the middle of the night.  He was in a sleeping bag on the floor of Lawrence's room and got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.  He peeked down the hall, and seeing it was clear, walked down in his briefs chancing Sheila was fast asleep.  As he was heading into the bathroom, he saw her sitting  in a chair in the corner of the living room.  She looked straight at him and smiled.  Embarrassed, he headed quickly into the bathroom and shut the door.

When he was finished, he slowly opened the door and peaked out thinking she would have gone back to bed and given him some privacy.  She hadn't.  She was still in the same chair, staring straight at him, the smile still on her face. He stood for a brief second, excited, but also sort of shocked.  H quickly bolted back to Lawrence's room and dove into his sleeping bag.  He was hard as a rock, but with Lawrence a few inches away, he had to suppress his urge for release.

Release was certainly top of mind on this Mother's Day as well, but like that late night a few weeks ago, it would have to be temporarily delayed.  The priority of the moment was Sheila, massaging her body, painting her toe nails and fulfilling her needs.  Despite requesting he be completely naked, Sheila kept her flowered dress on the entire time.  She did end her Mother's Day escape by telling Dex that the next time they got together would be on his birthday next month.  This time she assured, the wishes would be all his.

Thanks to fantasy fulfillers Dex and Sweetness, and photographer Studio1x for helping to create this Mother's Day (or in this case, his best friend's  mother' day) exceptionally erotically gratifying!

12 Days: Peter Fox: in Mother's Day

Two brothers kidnap and brutalize three women for the pleasure of their demented mother.

I wasn't expecting much when I went looking for an actor and movie for a 12 Days Mother's Day post.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Given my love of the weaving of holidays with horror, I was especially happy to find this scene from the 1980 horror flick Mother's Day.

Actor Peter Fox made his film debut in 1977's  Airport 77.  He went on to guest star on a variety of shows and movies in the seventies and eighties including; The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, Eight is Enough, Family and Hill Street Blues.  He also guested on the very short lived Manimal, starring Simon MacCordinale who I feature earlier this week. Fox also had regular roles on Delta House, The Waltons and  Knots Landing,  

'It's a beautiful night for our first ever asshole invitational.'

In Mother's Day, Fox plays 'The Dobber', a hot to trot baseball player who gets a little ahead of himself in this embarrassment scene from the film.  Fox worked more sporadically in the 90's, and little in the 2000's.  He seems to be embarking on a comeback however, with a TV movie currently in post production and due for future release.