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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 9th

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Happy Birthday today October 9th

Happy 59th to actor Michael Paré!

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Spine Tingling Seasonals

With Halloween just a little over three weeks away, thought it was time to start getting into the spirit! No better way to start than by featuring images from Frisky Frolic, one of my favorite chroniclers of all things that go bump in the night.

Bathtubs & Balconies: Zach by New Manhattan Studios

'This toned athlete, actor and experienced model stretched, curled, extended and bended into striking poses on a sunset-facing balcony with a sweeping view that included Studio City, the San Fernando Valley and the Hollywood Freeway, zipping past just below us on the hillside.'

I don't know for sure if Wes intended it, (but I am guessing he did...) but his turn of phrase, 'stretched, curled, extended and bended' hit me hard erotically as I read it, especially with his images of Zach swimming in my head. Zach has that face and jaw line reminiscent of Clark Kent. Now I know Superman can move forward at the speed of light, but I was always rather partial to Mr. Kent. Maybe it's because Clark isn't as aware of how hot he is and thinks those glasses and that black suit mask the hottness we all know lies beneath.

Thankfully we don't have to fantasize what's under Zach's suit, as except for a towel and his tight white undies, Wes didn't provide him much of a wardrobe to hide his magnificent Superman like physique. The main location for Zach's shoot was a majestic Hollywood balcony, and Zach beautifully ascended onto the balcony wearing exactly what he'd worn in the previous set-up for his shoot in the bathtub, nothing at all.

Zach was one of eight models that New Manhattan Studios worked with and captured on a working trip to California last summer. Usually when visiting the golden state, Wes, Alex and company stick to their usual home base in the Bay Area. For this trip, they added five days to the schedule to venture deep into the heart of Hollywood. Over the course of ten days, four different NMS photographers took part in ten different photo sessions. A future issue Captured Shadows is in the works, focused exclusively on the eight models they worked with in California.

Below are a few excerpts from Wes' blog entry, Hollywood Balconies, about his shoot with Zach. You can read the full entry HERE: & check out Zach's gallery on NMS HERE:

'Zach's session was our second in a large home in the Hollywood Hills. It was with Zach that we first explored the balconies and staircases. With an abundance of rooms, nooks, crannies and shooting angles, we hoped to shoot five models in various settings without repeating ourselves. Over the course of several models, the balcony rail reappears, but Zach owned the staircases, The images illustrate what a natural setting it was for his long, toned body.'

'We did some of our best work with Zach on the balcony and stairs and some of these shots are among our favorite images of the entire trip. This toned athlete, actor and experienced model stretched, curled, extended and bended into striking poses on a sunset-facing balcony with a sweeping view that included Studio City, the San Fernando Valley and the Hollywood Freeway, zipping past just below us on the hillside. That the view was two-way didn't bother Zach or, for that matter, any of the other models who worked in the space that week.'

Just Because: John Slattery

Last week's return of Will & Grace had me seeking out some repeats of the episodes from the sit-coms original run. I enjoyed the shows return, and although there were things about the writing I thought were a bit uneven and tired, I enjoyed seeing the characters again, and the actors were all in fine form. One of the repeats I caught was a two part episode featuring actor John Slattery as Will's brother Sam. Although Steven Weber took over the role later in the show's run, Slattery originated the role in the shows first season.

I didn't watch Mad Men, but that doesn't mean I don't have an appreciation for the talent, and the hotness of Mr. Slattery. Every time I see him on television I reminded how adorable he is, not to mention his tight little body. In addition to some brief nudity on Mad Men, Slattery one's nude scene on film was in 1997's Red Meat. Although he has just one nude scene on film, Slattery's experience removing his clothing for an audience began during his early work on stage.

'The first real job I had was in a Terrence McNally play called The Lisbon Traviata with Nathan Lane. And I had to be naked in the play. I remember getting the call—and no one had a cell phone—so I went to a pay phone on 8th Avenue to call my agent and he told me I got the job and it wasn’t until I hung up the phone that I realized, “Holy shit, I have to be naked in this play!”

'I had to make my entrance on stage fully, bare-assed naked. And that [Laughs.] was an experience. God, that was really horrifying in the beginning, but the horror goes away. In the audition, I didn’t have to take my clothes off, but the director said—smartly, I thought—“If you had done this before, I would say wait until we get into the theatre and then we’ll just do it then. But I think you should pick a day [in rehearsals] and then you should do it then.” So then I said, “Okay, how about three weeks from today?” [Laughs.]'

Above and Below: 
John with Elaine Stritch in the American Repertory Theater production of Cakewalk, May 1993

'Just something as far down the line as I can schedule. Sure enough, that day sitting in the rehearsal room, they were getting to my entrance and I was frozen in fear. I just slowly started taking off my clothes and I stepped over the taped line to say my lines—and it’s amazing how the basic skills of acting go out the window when you’re standing there naked. How to open the door, how to say “Hello.” But you get used to that stuff. And after that I did it a bunch of times.'

Mad Men

Red Meat (1997)

A dark haired John Slattery played one of three guys who loved to discuss their sex lives over dinner, usually ribs, in 1997's Red Meat. Stephen Mailer also played one of the three guys and is shown with John in the caps below.

Above: That's John's incredible body in the forefront of the image above.

Although John has a brief butt scene late in the movie while swapping partners with a friend, most of his nudity occurs in the first 10 minutes of the film Although it certainly could be a 'cock sock', it certainly looks like a brief side frontal in the shaving scene I capped just below.

I uploaded the scene above on SendSpace HERE: if anyone wants a closer look.