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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 8th

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Happy Birthday today March 8th

Happy 49th to actor Boris Kodjoe!

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Viewer Male: Rafael de Egara

'Through my eyes, it's only see beauty I see in these photos.'

Just before Christmas, I got a DM on Instagram from the beauteous Rafael de Egara.  Attached were this series of images.  As stunning as these shots are, for Rafael, modeling isn't a profession, but a passionate hobby and a sensual form of expression.  Rafael is a psychotherapist by profession, one who uses art and music as it's healing method and medicine.  

These images are certainly art, and the visuals a forceful form for calm and beauty.  I quickly put together this piece but wanted to wait to post until I finished featuring all of the Christmas and holiday images that I had.  Given the state of the world this week, it seemed a good time for a little visual healing.  

In addition to sharing his images, Rafael also wanted to push back a bit at Instagram.  Like so many, myself included, he's had images removed and labeled 'offensive' by the Instagram police.  Rafael responded by posting a series of tasteful nudes with a message to Instagram and those who find the beauty of the nude male form as offensive. 

In this world that we have created, these photos can be classified as “offensive”, “inappropriate”, even “harmful”. This reality, showing oneself completely as one is is prohibited  Many brand these images as pornographic, simply because a man is naked, since there is nothing sexually implied....

Should we teach our children that appearing as one is is bad? Teach them that we should cover up, hide, even be ashamed?  Videos, images, even highly violent texts and comments run through this type of network, in which people even insult, curse and wish for death, but that is not as reprehensible and bad as seeing a naked man showing himself as he is. It is shameless.'

Prime Time Supporters: Nat Faxon

Certain actors are a bit like ships that pass in the night.  You come close to noticing them, but you don't.  That's the case with myself and actor Nat Faxon.  From checking out his resume on IMDB, I know I've seen him on television, he's been on a number of hit shows.  I know most of them, some I even intended to watch, but for some reason, most of Faxon's projects passed me by. 

Although Faxon has appeared as a guest star on dozens of shows, he was also a regular on many shows including; Grosse Pointe, Reno 911!, Ben and Kate, American Dad and Friends from College.  This April, Faxon will be joining Julia Roberts, Sean Penn and Dan Stevens in Gaslit, the new political thriller on Starz. 

I actually noticed Faxon on another show I don't watch, but had on recently in the background.  Although I loved the original Roseanne, I wasn't able to really get in to the rebooted The Conners.  I'm glad the toxic Roseanne is not on the show, but the writing isn't nearly as smart as the original.

Joey (2005)

I do love me some Laurie Metcalf and noticed a cute actor playing Neville, Jackie's (Metcalf) veterinarian boyfriend on a recent episode.  I knew cute face looked familiar, but had to head to IMDB to check on his credits. I was planning on checking out Gaslit, so if I hadn't caught him on The Conners, I'm sure I would have noticed him in the new Starz show.

The Conners

The Groundlings

In addition to his acting achievements, he's also an accomplished writer.  Faxon was the credited screen writer on The Way Way Back, a movie I really liked.  He was also one of the screenwriters (along with Alexander Payne and Jim Rash) on the 2011 George Clooney led The Descendants.  Faxon, Payne and Rash won many awards for the screenplay including an Academy Award for writing the best adapted screenplay. 

Tacoma FD

Friends From College

The Salton Sea: Dr. Derrol by ZD Visions

'Here I am in one of my most FAVORITE places in California, the Salton Sea and Bombay Beach areas.'

Learning about new places and locations is one of my favorite parts of working on the site.  Dr. Derrol has taken FH viewers to many different scenic locals on both the East and West coasts.. Derrol has stripped down to shoot deep in the woods in Maine and in the California deserts and beautiful sandy beaches.

These images were taken in the Salton Sea area by Derrol's friend Zach. (ZDVisions) I'd heard of the Salton Sea but had to head to wiki to find about more about the shallow, landlocked body of water in the city of Riverside California.  The Salton Sea lies on the San Andreas Fault within the Salton Trough and stretches all the way to the Gulf of California in Mexico. 

Zach and Derrol first connected several years ago when they used to work together. They quickly became friends and began going on regular hikes together.  Zach is an artist and photographer, and given he's straight, he didn't really have much interest in adding naked male models to his portfolio.  Derrol decided he'd change that! 

During one of their many hikes, Derool shared with Zach his work as a model, and his love of taking nude shots.  After getting to know one another, Derrol became comfortable stripping down and taking some selfies when they'd hit a great location during their hikes.  At first, Zach just observed, but one day, after watching Derrol struggle to set up his camera, offered to take the shot.  Both Zach and Derrol were always on the lookout for new locations and before long, Zach was regularly shooting Derrol on their hikes.

There are so many ruins there as well as abandoned buildings and houses. It’s the ideal spot for some fun photos and my friend Zach. He's always willing to take the shots for me. He once watched me try to balance my camera on a rock to take the perfect picture and being the very good friend he is, offered to start being my photographer!