Thursday, November 20, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 21st

Laifster by studioAtruong
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Happy Birthday today November 21st

One of my favorite images (from Rick Day) of one of my favorite birthday boys

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Pix that make you Hmmmm:  Images that cause you to stop, take a second look... and ponder. The image may be beautiful, sexy, odd, funny or simply a head scratcher.

Politically incorrect for sure, especially around the Thanksgiving holiday, but that smile makes it a bit easier to swallow. Bonus points for using a torn off piece of his ripped boxers for a head piece.

Jack Ramone: Creative Minds

'I love anything artistic. I do music, I act so modeling is just another art form that I can be a part of to express creatively and work with other artists to create something special.'

David by Painted Cowboy Photography

I sometimes wonder why I still write a blog. Blogs became old fashioned about six seconds after they became popular. A form for the elderly to share recipes or an avenue for people to over share and exaggerate every minutia of their lives. I guess the answer comes down to creativity. I have little use for tumblr. Unless you are the artist sharing your own work, they seem like mass produced fast food to me, image after image posted with no intent, nor time to actually give any of them the attention they may, or may not deserve.

With a blog, I get to not only share images that I love, but present them in a creative way, telling a story through images and words. I get to design the layout, and format the blog into the magazine style FH has morphed into. Maybe it is because I am old fashioned, I never thought so until recently, but although my mind is progressive, my tastes tend to be more conservative and I would rather share an artistically created image that evokes something in me, rather than posting a flashy image meant only to grab your attention briefly, stimulate sexually, then disappear with any real lasting impression.

I think some of my favorite artists to profile are also driven primarily by the need to create. Photographers and models who enjoy the process of creating as much or more than the resulting images. Model Jack Ramone is one of those artists. I was drawn instantly to his work after seeing just one image. Yes, admittedly Jack was completely naked looking incredibly hot. There was something more though, it was in his eyes. A confidence that said more than just the usual'look at me'. It was of a 'look with me', which had me wanting to see more. With a BA in Theatre and background in music, Jack is open to almost anything he views as artistic.

I love that when I asked David what got him started in modeling his response was a curiosity. A curiosity about modeling that him connect with someone on Craigslist needing models for an art project. Jack says he hasn't had a favorite experience modeling so far, to him he learns from every experience, including the bad ones. 'Anything that can help you in your craft as a model is a positive.' David thankfully saw my questions as a positive part of the creative process and indulged my curiosity about his time in front of the camera, his experiences on Model Mayhem and the decision to take it all off.

What factors did you weigh before deciding to pose nude?
First I had to be comfortable with my own body. I wasn't always happy with it. But once I grew to love me and myself and the body I was given, doing nude modeling was not a problem for me.

Did the response from friends/family or girlfriends enter into your decision?
I kinda always march to the beat of my own drum, so no. I don't tell alot of my friends that I do modeling but it's not something I hide either. It was a problem with one ex of mine, so I didn't do it often. It's something that doesn't come up too much when dating. Some girls are accepting of it and others are not.

What part of your body are you most happy with? What part gets the most attention from others?
Probably my butt. That's the first thing everyone notices about me, even with clothes on.

Any odd or strange stories from any shoots or your time on Model Mayhem?
There has been a few creepy guys. One guy it felt like I didn't know if I was coming out alive or not. I went to his house and he had nothing set up and seemed to have no real knowledge of what he was doing. Just seemed eager to see a nude male instead of actually photography. I call him Captain Creepy. I ended that shoot fast. MM has been mostly positive. Most people are there to build portfolios and make beautiful art. The only strange thing that has ever happened is a girl accused me of trying to sleep with her when I messaged her about working together. Sad part the shoot wasn't going to involve any nudity at all. I am here for art, not porn.

What would your dream scenario be for a shoot?
Anything that I view as art. There are so many things I want to try and do, that I couldn't just name one.

Is there a photographer you would really love to be shot by?
No, I just want to work with creative minds.

David by NKY Photography

Wrapped: Laifster by studioAtruong

'Laifster is American with Norwegian descentm your dream Nordic god! Over 6ft with single-digit body fat. And he's so not shy...Oh and so flexible!'

The quote above comes from October profile, Perfectly Oblivious featuring the work of studioAtruong with the incredible Laifster. In that first piece, I focused on Laifster's flexiblility with Alain's extraordinary focus on pose and movement.

Alain also described Laifster as a Renaissance man, an actor and dancer who has travelled the globe, builds motorcycles, surfs, loves music, metal fabrication and the Circus arts. In this series, I focused on the actor within and the drama created by artist and model. Alain wraps Laifster in a variety of props, materials, fabric and chains. I love the different looks Alain obtained, from the erotic Game Of Thrones look to the Disco era American Hustle look with the over-sized jewellery and fur. He wears them well!