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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 17th


Happy Birthday today January 17th

Happy 42nd to dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy!

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Thank You For Being A Friend...

We've all seen the shots of guys covering their junk for a selfie.  Covering one's own junk however, is now sort of old school.  The newest trend, performing a junk plunk on one of your friends...

Although taking a full frontal selfie is fine, some guys still like to leave a little to the imagination.  Not everyone likes to whip it out when a camera comes out.  Leave it to a good friend to help out in these sticky situations.  See a few more helping hands on FH HERE:

Quaternate: Chris Free Photo

'I think the human body is the greatest art form on earth and reflects the wonderful work of the Creator.'

I first spotlighted the work of photographer Chris Free back in 2012.  In addition to the many male models that Chris has captured, I was equally intrigued with the various locations he photographed  them at.  Chris' career had him on the road a lot, and shooting hot male bodies helped break up the monotony of frequent travel and nights in motel rooms.

I've loved following Chris's work and the many men he shot not only in those hotel rooms, but on nearby beaches, in museums, historic hotels, on Bourbon Street and in many other public, but undisclosed locations. Chris also always manages to capture the most beautiful long lines and curves, no matter who, or where he is shooting.




The Night Visitor

'In a Scandinavian insane asylum, murderer Salem sneaks out at night to exact his revenge on those who he deems responsible for his predicament.'

Even though I was sitting in my warm living room, winter's bone chilling cold hits you from first scene in 1971's The Night Visitor.   As Salem (Max von Sydow) runs from the asylum, wearing only a t-shirt and his boxers, you almost feel how the cold howling wind must feel against his bare skin.

Salem doesn't seem fazed, he's on a mission and before too long, he's climbing a roof and sneaking into an upstairs window on his families farm.  I haven't seen a lot of Swedish films, but I loved the mood and feel The Night Visitor quickly set. The psychological thriller was more creepy than scary, but it grabbed my interest and kept it through until the end.

The entire cast, von Syndow, Liv Ullmann and Per Oscarsson were all compelling.  I also really loved the ending, which was an unexpected and unique surprise for not only the audience, but Salem and the Inspector as well.   I fully recommend this film, especially perfect viewing  for a snowy January day.

If your skin doesn't crawl, it's on too tight!

Having seen Max von Sydow in a number of films growing up, I of course had to see if the talented actor had done any nude scenes.  Incredibly honored and accomplished as an actor, his nudity resume was not surprisingly quite thin.  There were two quick 'rear' scenes, the first, while having an outdoor bath in 1960's The Virgin Spring.  The second, during a medial exam scene in 1972's The New Land.

The Virgin Spring (1960)

In 14th-century Sweden, an innocent yet pampered teenage girl and her family's pregnant and jealous servant set out from their farm to deliver candles to church, but only one returns from events that transpire in the woods along the way.

Nybyggarna (The New Land, 1972)

 A Swedish immigrant family struggle to establish a new life for themselves in the forest of Minnesota in the mid 19th Century. 

Per Oscarsson

In addition to von Sydow, another actor that stood out for me in the film was Swedish actor Per Oscarsson who played Salem's brother-in-law Dr. Anton Jenks. An accomplished Swedish actor, Oscarsson worked steadily in films from the early 40's right up to his death in 2010.

When I googled Per Oscarsson + nude, not a lot came up.  There was a list on IMDB however, entitled, Films from Sweden with male-full frontal nudity.  I noticed Per was the star of My Sister My Love from 1966.  I found a copy on Rare Lust, but given the film's age, and that it was filmed in black and white, it was difficult to see much beyond a large patch of pubic hair.  Not sure if there was more visible at one time, but given I was now already  so far down that rabbit hole, I still wanted to include the scene.

Sweden in 1782. A young nobleman, named Jacob  Oscarsson) returns from France to his home and cherished sister Charlotte who is engaged to Baron Alsameden. The siblings close relationship becomes incestuous and with fear that the disclosure of Charlotte's pregnancy will make society view them as libertines, the lovers ultimately choose to part, Jacob decides to leave the country and Charlotte if left to marry the Baron.

My Sister My Love (1966)