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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 25th

Lukasby Achillias
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Happy Birthday today January 25th

Happy 38th to actor Michael Trevino!

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Seasonal Sightings:

Box Boy Delight:

 'I usually only offer this service to little old ladies....'

As with so man posts on FH, this one began with a single visual in a single photo.  The photo was the first image at the top of this piece.  I saw the image on Twitter and was immediately aroused and intrigued.   As many FH viewers know, I have an affinity for images and movies from the 70's and 80's.  Growing up in the eighties and nineties, a cute guy in tight jeans and a crop top would have drove me crazy. The vulnerability with the crutches, would have only heightened the fantasy. 

My curiosity was triggered and I had to find out where the image came from.  At first, I thought it might have been from a old TV movie or ABC afterschool special.  I should have known better.  As I'm sure some of you also noticed, image was so purposely stimulating, it had to be from a more sexual source.  

The image turned out to be a promotional shot from a magazine promoting the 1983 porn film Brother Load.  Adult film actors Tim Richard and David Grayson appear in a segment in the middle of the film titled Box Boy Delight.  The film was directed by William Higgins under Catalina video productions. Both Tim and David appeared in an extensive layout promoting the film in a magazine where some of these images came from.  The others, are caps I made of the first few minutes. 

I don't watch a lot of porn, mostly because I usually enjoy the set-up and first few minutes the most.  I love many of the fantasy's created, but once the sex starts, I usually get bored.  I really loved the first few minutes of this scene and the introduction turned me on more than when Timmy and David started going at it.  Below is the beginning of Box Boy Delight, you'll have find the movie if you want to know how it ends.  Shocker, you already know. 😉

Steven had just come back from a Hawaiian surfing trip that put him on crutches, so Timmy offered to carry his bags out to Steven's van. Timmy, who boxed groceries at the local market, felt a little funny playing carry  out form such a hot, striping young man.  As they headed to the van, Steven smiled and said that the doctor just put hi on the crutches and he's feeling a little helpless.

Timmy replied, 'That's what I'm here for' and shared his own story of breaking his ankle once from skiing. By the time they reached the van, Timmy had already managed to check out the hobbling surfer and liked what he could see out of the corner of his practiced eye.  From what he could make out, the young stud was dark haired, built a little bigger than himself and equipped in all the right places.

When they reached the van, Steven got the doors open and took the groceries from the young box boy.  Steven really wanted to give him a tip but since he spent his last dollar at the store on break, peanut butter and beer, decided he might be able to repay him other ways...

'Want to come in for a beer break?  I just bought a cold six pack and you're welcome to join me.?'

Timmy got a little nervous all of a sudden, worried he might get in trouble from his box.  Given though, that he hadn't had an invitation like this in awhile, and that he was already rock hard, he climbed in and closed the doors behind him.

Achillias: Mr. November

'I have a story first, and then I create a character for it.'

Lovers of the male form undoubtedly followed the progression over the years of calendars focused on the male form.  Gay magazines like Playgirl and Colt often published calendar issues of their magazines, but mainstream male calendars tended to be little tamer.  If you were looking in stores, all you could usually only find were PG-13 Chippendales calendars and G rated calendars featuring built, but bland looking shirtless hunks.

Things began to change in the 1990's when many photographers began creating more R calendars to helping to promote and raise money for local charities, fire fighters, sport teams and other community organizations.  Most of these local however, created for a certain organization in a specific area.  Most were never seen by the masses until the Internet really took off in the 1990's and 2000's.

The calendar medium then really began to change.  Print calendars, although popular, were harder to create for specific locations.  It was more difficult to make a profit unless you were selling to a larger, sometimes even world wild audience.  It was then many sports teams and charities began using the web to promote to much larger audience.  Things really took off with the start of the Dieux du Stade back in 2001.

Anyone who followed Dieux du Stade, The Warwick Rowers, or other of the more successful calendars, know the behind the scenes images and videos soon became the main draw.  I have to admit, although I bought some of the actual  print calendars in the beginning, I quickly moved to purchasing mostly the videos and behind the scenes images and clips.

There's a major difference between the calendar images, and the behind the scenes visuals, and it's one that has a unique appeal for gay men.  The calendars may show hot, half-naked men, but the visuals are often of 'straight' looking hunky men looking strong, buff and in control.  The behind the scenes videos however, tell a more compelling and erotic story.

'I find vulnerability so much more erotic than big dicks or perfect muscular bodies. Perfect bodies and huge penises bore me at some point.'

Vulnerably is a theme I explore often, and it's key to why so many of us enjoy images of the male form.  The behind the scenes videos don't show a hot man in control, but a hot, naked man, being led and directed through the process.  They're often presented not just naked, but getting undressed. Some are slightly embarrassed, others seem to enjoy it all.  Some are shown in various states of arousal,  some embarrassed, often covering themselves between takes.

It is the between take visual that are often the most interesting.  Watching the often straight athlete handled being naked and photographed by an often gay photographer.  How do they deal with being spritzed and having body make-up applied, often by women.  There are often scenes of make-up men and women applying body make-up to the man's crotch and butt and their checking out their facial expression is half the fun. 

It is these themes, and this piece of the making of, that digital artist Achillias focused on with his 2023 calendar.  Yes, there are 12 months of incredibly hot images, each with a separate model in different locations and with their own unique theme.  But for several of the months, Achillias also created complete stories through a making of series of artwork.  This series, features Lukas, the calendar's November model. 

Lukas appears a little hesitant when he arrives for his shoot, but this soon changes.  Despite just meeting the male photographer and female assistant and calendar producer, they put him quickly at ease. By the time he has to pull his  tight jeans down over thick thighs, he seems to relax and get into it. Lukas gets so into it, as soon as the assistant begins spritzing him up, Lukas a spontaneous erection instantly appears.

No one seems to mind, and even if they did, there's nothing Lukas can really do about it. The erection wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, and Lukas remained aroused and at attention throughout the remainder of the shoot.  You can check out more of Lukas, and the 12 months of the year, including a hi-res printable version, on Achillias' Patreon site HERE:

Below: the final images used for Lukas as Mr. November