Sunday, August 23, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 24th

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Beat The Heat

Swimwear by Aronik

This week, while I am off on vacation, I hope you'll also take a break and spend a bit of time on FH. From now until the end of the month, I will be featuring summer themed posts with the aim to hark back to those summer's we remember from when we were younger. A time when summer felt like it would last forever and the focus was fun. So join me as take a look at some of the best of what summer has to offer, (including the speedo..) so... Lets head to the beach, to the lake, into the pool, skip through fields and go back to summer camp with The Last Gasp Of Summer!

Favorite Five: Tan Lines

Although not as prevalent today (mainly because of the current trend of wearing long, baggy shorts on the beach) tan lines... like watermelon and lemonade. have always been a refreshing part of the summer season.

Summer Clicks

Over the years, FH has presented dozens and dozens of summer themed features. Given the site's theme is the male form, the heat of summer goes hand in hand with little to no clothing. Here are some of my favorite summer themed pieces. Given the theme is summer, included are of course many trips to the beach, (and an entire day devoted to the beach, Beach Day)

Summer Trips:

Playing The Field: DirtRoad by Noplacia Photography

'I’d rather go for a walk barefoot in the forest than see the sights in the city.'

Most of us remember spending much of summers barefoot. The feeling of our feet on cool grass, our toes in the hot sand. Walking in the woods with pine needles underneath and the burning after stepping onto pavement or dancing over uncomfortable gravel. We also remember coming inside and having a parent yelling at us not to move until we scrubbed the black and dirt off our feet.

Like most summer memories, most of us have had to push aside the freedom summer used to provide in order to make a living. What was once two months of pure fun and adventures, is now restricted to those few vacation days we are able to take. For me, this sense of freedom is at the heart of why I so love the work of DirtRoad (Warren Russell). Within his imagery, Warren does so many things most of us used to do before we have burdened ourselves with life's demands and expectations. Warren frolics in fields, on rail road tracks, in tree's and in the forest, exploring abandoned buildings and remote areas. Warren does it all without concern, and of course, does it all without clothing.

I was taken with Warren's comment referring to the sights of the city. For me, summer is all about ridding as many signs of cities as we can. I most revert to that childhood summer freedom when away from buildings and cars, when in the woods, by a lake and especially at the ocean. I featured the first set, the rail road series in a piece last month. (Off The Beaten Track) Photographer Gary Larson also sent on these images from his time with Warren and I understand clearly why Gary describes these two shoots as some of his favorite work that he and Warren have done together. Great imagery inspires, and I am inspired to find a field to go barefoot in. I have fields all around me, but most are filled with cows, and therefore cow shit... not something you necessarily want squishing between your toes..