Sunday, July 22, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 22nd

Captivating Cleavage by Hans Fahrmeyer
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Helmet Head

Bryce: Succulent Selfies

Breathtaking Bryce!

Out of the Pool: Drew by Photos by BIRON Bacchae

Last January, I posted Photos by BIRON's 'After the Swim Meet' series with the ultra hot Drew. (Restricted Area) I loved Biron's work with Drew and wanted to feature more from the large body of work they created together.

Drew Bacchae exudes such powerful sensuality in front of the camera, so natural, yet intensely direct and sexual.  I love how BIRON so beautifully captured so fully every inch of Drew's incredible body.  Even without his face or eyes fully shown and BIRON's camera focused on Drew's back, Drew's sexual energy is just as powerful as the frontal images with Drew's beautiful eyes staring straight at you.

Ten Translucent by Hans Fahrmeyer

This piece was originally written to be posted along with a part 2 (posted HERE:) to help celebrate FH's 10th anniversary on-line.  I did so many of the pieces early as images were submitted that the first part of quickly shot to page 2 on my Draft list and I missed it when putting together the 10th.  I didn't want to let these incredible shots from Hans go without sharing!

 An object or material which allows light to diffuse through, highlighting, 
but not completely unveiling what's behind.

FH anniversary wouldn't be complete without a return of Sunday's With Hans. Starting in 2009, artist Hans Fahmeyer has generously shared his images and videos in almost 80 glorious Sunday's. I always look forward to Hans' colorful, dynamic and erotically charged imagery and also love seeing new images of some of Hans' most popular models.

Within those 80 features were Phil, Marcel, Rowan, Roman, Phatt Daddy, Nick Ayler, Nick Pizzaro, Dave August and so many other favorites I have enjoyed featuring over the last 7 years. Thanks to Hans for all of those Sunday surprises!