Friday, November 11, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 12th

Devlin by Nick S82
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Happy Birthday today November 12th

Happy 36th to actor Ryan Gosling!

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Mirror Mirror...

Big Overalls to Fill...

If anyone gets HGTV Canada you may have seen commercials for the new home improvement show, Holmes & Holmes which premiered this week. Mike Holmes Sr has been a fixture on renovation shows for many years, but it is his son, Mike Jr (MJ) that has me pausing every time the commercial comes on.

Who doesn't love a hot handy man and Mike Jr looks especially hot in all of the thin, tight t-shirts he so often wears. You can see much more of Mike Jr. in, and out of his shirts on his Instagram HERE:

While Mike and MJ share a last name, a strong work ethic, and a desire to help others, they don’t always see eye to eye. Their different approaches provide the foundation for unexpected moments of humour and drama

Mike with fellow fixer-er-upper Jonathan Scott

Laid Back: Devlin by NickS82

'The Devil Fools with the Best Laid Plan...'
Neil Young

Although many people may have felt like 'taking to their beds' this week, life does go on. I am sure however, that if Devlin was under (or on top of) the sheets, there would have been an entirely different motivation to leap onto the mattress. I know that when I saw a recent shot of Devlin, I headed to his portfolio to see more of his work.

I am certainly glad I did as when I was going though Devlin's images, I discovered he had shot with one of my favorite photographers to feature, NickS82. Nick's images are always organically sexy and with a clear focus on the male form while drawing their erotic impulses beautifully to the surface.

When I was going through Nick's shots of Devlin I found myself mostly choosing images of Devlin in bed. I loved the poses, both visually beautiful to look at all, but also familiar. We have all had that feeling of lying in and on our bed completely naked while enjoying the freedom and both  the warmth and coolness of our body against the sheets.