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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 20th


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Seasonal Sightings

Photographic Porn Stars: Jacen Zhu

'I don’t really work with studios now. Having the Just for Fans content has meant I don’t have to put up with…'

Activist and performer Jacen Zhu has left the world of studio adult films to create his own  content for his Just For Fans site.  Although progressive in many area's, porn producers and directors still rely on tired and overused stereotypes and tropes, especially when it comes to black performers.  

Creating his own content also gives Jacen the flexibility to focus on causes he is passionate about.  HIV education and addiction are not only causes the stunning performer believes in, they're also causes he has a personal connection with. 

Superman: Flying High on the Big Screen

Brandon Routh

' You will be different, sometimes you'll feel like an outcast, but you'll never be alone.'
Superman Returns

Much like James Bond, I think for most people, their Superman is the first one they saw on the big screen.  For me, that was actor Brandon Routh in 2006's Superman Returns.  I was keenly aware of Christopher Reeve, but except for a few scenes on TV, I hadn't  yet seen any of his Superman films in their entirety.  Superman Returns wasn't a great film, but given it was my first, and only, time seeing the Man of Steel on the big screen, Brandon Routh's portrayal made an impact. 

Routh and the film get a bad wrap.  Although the film wasn't great, I thought Routh did a great job, especially when playing Clark Kent.  When it comes to Super Heroes, I think many actors excel at one part of the role.  Some are great at playing the cape wearing crime fighter, and others excel at playing their daytime alter ego.  Routh had the boyish innocence of Clark, and was beautifully busting through his three piece suits.

Routh in Chuck

Although Routh got shafted out of a sequel, he did go on to work steadily.  Although Routh has appeared on many drama's, I really enjoyed his roles on sit-coms, and wished his sit-com Partners had lasted a little longer. . It was also great to see Routh slide into his tights again for appearances on The Flash

Christopher Reeve

For many, Christopher Reeve remains the preeminent Superman.  Reeve played the character in four films from 1978 through 1987.  I have since seen the first film on television, and understand why he is so beloved.  Reeve embodied both Clark Kent and his cape wearing alter ego equally well, and his chiseled face and muscular physique beautifully embodied the vision we'd all seen on comic book covers.  

Deathtrap (1982)

Somewhere In Time (1980)

Below: Reeve working out with David Prowse for Superman

Henry Cavill
'I know you're trying to find out where I hang my cape.'
Man of Steel (2013)

I love me some Henry Cavill, but I have yet to see him play the Man of Steel.  I haven't in fact seen Cavill in anything since his days on The Tudors.  I did try watching The Witcher last year, but have yet to make it past the fist episode.  I will eventually see him in the suit, I'm sure it will be on television one night when I'm home with nothing to watch.  Until then, I'll just continue to enjoy those beautiful eyes and pecs in imags.

The Tudors

Superman: Made for Television

'This looks like a job for Superman'

Tom Welling

Much like Brandon Routh on screen, I think actor Tom Welling gets a bit of a bad wrap.  No, he wasn't the greatest Superman, but he was a pretty pitch perfect Clark Kent.  Those beautiful eyes, that body and the nativity Welling played so well worked well for the character.  Smallville also wasn't really about Superman, it was about Clark, and his journey to become Superman.   

I know some gripe about the rumor Welling didn't want to wear the suit, but in some ways, I think that was a wise choice.  Clark never really fully transformed into the Man of Steel until the show's final season, and I think if they put him in the suit, that image could have over-shadowed that image of Clark the show as known for.  It was a wise choice to leave a bit of mystery, closing one chapter, but not fully opening the next.

'Dad, you were right. Once I understood what triggered the heat, I was able to control it without thinking about... sex.'
Clark Kent

Many of you might remember the nude scene from the deleted Smallville scene below.  Although I still hope the beautiful running butt belonged to Welling, reports are it actually belonged to one of the Property Brother.  Early in his career, while struggling to become an actor, Drew Scott was hired as Tom Welling's body double.  In addition to standing in, he was also in the spotlight when close-ups of Welling's butt or abs were needed. 

Tyler Hoechlin 

You can't look into Tyler Hoechlin's beautiful bedroom eyes without thinking about sex.  I always wondered given he can fly at the speed of light, I always wondered had that played out during sex.  I would guess he would have to hold back a bit in order not to drill through poor Lana.

If you've seen the trailer, or preview images for Superman and Lois, you'll notice Hoechilin is not fully clean shaven for his role as Clark.   I didn't love the look at first, but given this Clark isn't the teenage Clark, but an adult Clark dealing with parenthood and raising 14 year old twins,  it makes sense to give the character a distinct look. 

'What separates this series from Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Smallville is that Clark has been Superman for about 20 years. It isn’t an origin story. And most importantly, he’s a hot dad with problems. Clark wants so badly to be a good father and close to his sons, but there’s a wall between him and them and that wall is Superman. Jon and Jordan don’t know he’s Superman. Clark was worried they might let his identity slip.'

Hoechlin and Brandon Routh

Teen Wolf