Saturday, May 8, 2010

These Boots Are Made For....

-Sundays With Hans-
-These Boots-

One of the reasons I love showcasing the work of Hans Fahrmeyer is that it plays against type. Often when Hans sends his theme for Sundays With Hans it takes me a long time to choose which shots I should use in the post. Some shots are without a doubt not the type of shots I usually post. I love that his work challenges me. I have said before that one of the things I love about Hans is that his work is unapologetically sexual. Many photographers like to show sex and sexuality while at the same time, pretending they are shooting kittens and puppies. Hans straight forward approach to his work is something I very much respect. It is his vision coming through the lens and it is artistic, thought provoking, sometimes even shocking. Above all though, it is always beautifully sexual. Thanks again to Hans for sharing his work with FH.

As always, check out Hans site HERE:
If you missed out on last weeks video from Hans featuring Nick Ayler, or any of his other videos check out his video channel at Daily Motion HERE:

Last shot is my favorite.

Favorite Pic of the Day today May 8th

Chris Whelan by Gregory Vaughan. See more of Chris below!

Kudos to Kristin Chenoweth

Love her even more!
Kristin Chenoweth Stands Up for Gay Actors, Calls Out Homophobic Newsweek Article

Tonight On Saturday Night Live

If Betty White and some of SNL's famous females were not enough to get me to watch SNL tonight, FH favorite Derek Allen Watson is also featured on tonight's episode. Check him out in some of the sketches and in Andy Samberg's digital short!

Above: Derek by Rick Day.

Thumbs Down to Barbara Walters & 'The View'

I have a love hate relationship with 'The View' as many who read FH may know. I often dislike much of the show (and the women), yet DVR the show most days. I watch most of the shows I DVR, although often skip when Barbara Walters is on the panel. She bugs the shit out of me for some reason.

I think the show really sunk to new lows by having Mike Tyson on yesterday. (I also wondered if Elizabeth was not there for that very reason...). I love Whoopi, but she has a a bit of a pattern of defending the men in most cases (Tiger Woods, Chris Brown...). Joy at least seemed a bit uncomfortable with the whole thing.

I understand everyone needs a second chance but the way women chose to interview him, often as a victim was more than a bit disgusting. If you look not just a the rumors of what crimes Tyson has committed, but the actual offences he has been charged with you have to wonder why Walters and the show would have had him on. The actual interview did little to push Tyson on issues, but rather geared talk more towards his accomplishments and role as a mentor for youth. Really...Really.

All this in the same week where Elisabeth Hasselbeck had to say she was sorry to Erin Andrews (which she should have btw) for her remarks about her DWTS costumes. Although Robin Givens may not be the most likable of women, that should really not be a factor, yet it often comes up. For a show that describes themselves 'for and about women' The View certainly took two very large punches at a pair of women both of whom are largely known to the public for being victims themselves.

Way to go ladies!

Blast From the Past for May 8th: John Martin

When I saw these shots recently posted by screamapillar (thank you), I had to share them. John Martin was a model in the 90's who was frequently seen in beefcake shots and calendars. These shots come from a 1996 Hearthrobs calendar. This was a time when I was just out of my teens and before I had the Internet. I was still safely yet oh so unhappily tucked in the closet. It was also the time when 'Beefcake' calendars and posters, not to mention The Chippendale's, were all the rage. I often opened up the poster rack at K-Mart, pretending to look at some beautiful babe, yet quickly turning to the next poster of a great looking guy, often in the 90's in cut offs. These shots of John really take me back, there is something so 90's about them, the lighting, the tan, the hair. Also the fact that back then all traces of body hair were not shaved off.

Model Of The Day: Chris Whelan

Inn 2001 Chris Whelan was introduced to Bruce Weber by a former model Peter Johnson (there are posts on Peter previously on FH). Immediately Bruce booked Chris for his latest Abercrombie and Fitch campaign. Chris, who is with Major has been modeling steadily every since. His current look is a bit different than the Chris from The Abercrombie days, but although I do miss the hair, both looks are incredibly hot. Chris is currently in L.A pursing acting and has been seen on 'The Bold And The Beautiful'. You can check out a great interview with Chris at CoverMen Mag HERE:

Chris Whelan

Height: 6'2"
Suit: 40"
Neck: 16"
Waist: 32"
Shoe: 11 US
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Although I love Whelan's current look, some of my favorite shots come from his older work.

Next two shots by the great Gregory Vaughan.

Love this shoot by photographer Joe Oppedisano for Pref Mag in 2006.

"Der Traum vom Leben" ('The dream of life')
styled by Daniele Mancinetti
shot by Joachim Baldauf
Amazing editorial for the German beauty mag Tush.