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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 5th

Hercules by djunderground123
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Seasonal Sightings

Guido Benitez: Bombshell

When most people thing of bombshell's, they think of beautiful blonde starlets from Hollywood's golden age.  Women like Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe and Farrah Fawcett.  But bombshell's can come in many forms and packaging.  Given the term means; stunning, amazing or devastating, I think that blonde Adonis Guido Benitez more than fits the build. 

Whenever I see old images of Hollywood blondes, they always seem to be glistening. For most of those women, maybe most of that glisten was glitter and make-up, but I'm sure there was a little sweat in there somewhere.  Guido certainly glistens, maybe in part due to his daily workouts as a radical trainer.  Either way, his images are stunning, especially this shoot with photographer Joan Crisol.

Just Because: Machine Gun Kelly

Like so many men that I feature, my introduction to singer Machine Gun Kelly was through an image.  In Machine Gun's case, it was a promotional shot for his role in 2018's The Dirt.  In the film, the singer played Motley Cru's Tommy Lee, and in the shot, Machine was only wearing Lee's signature tiny black speedo.  His tattoo's were covered with make-up and he was wearing a long dark wig. I did a piece back in 2019 after first being introduced to him. (HERE:)

It was only when I went to research the actor that I discovered he was a singer, rapper and songwriter and that beautiful body in the black speedos was actually covered in tats.  Now I like a good tattoo, but I'm not usually attracted to bodies covered with them.  I know it's an artistic expression, but as a lover of the male form, I usually like it in it's natural state.  Kelly however, makes it work.

Kelly has this incredibly hot combination of preppy and dirty sexy.  When dressed, his classically  handsome face looks like it could be on the cover of GQ.  When his clothes are off, as they often are, it's more Inked or Nylon you picture the hot rapper gracing the cover of.  Kelly actually did however, make the cover of the British edition of GQ Hype.

SLN (January 2021)

Last week, Kelly was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and I was surprised how much I liked both of his performances.  I Youtubed him a few years ago, and after listening for a few second, thought I would enjoy looking at him more than listening to him.  I was wrong.  In addition to the songs, it was nice to see Kelly live on the SNL stage. 

The Dirt (2018)

The bonus to crushing over Kelly is his great habit of yanking down his pants and mooning at the drop of a hat.  He moons, fans, for paparazzi, on stage, almost any reason at all.

djunderground123: Dethroned & Disrobed


Am I not sensitive, clever 
Well-mannered, considerate 
Passionate, charming 
As kind as I'm handsome 
And heir to a throne?
Agony, Into The Woods


We all look at life through the lens of our personal experiences, our age and stage of life.  I think our Royal glasses are tinted to see things differently depending on our age, and our state of sexual consciousness and maturity.  When I was a kid, we Disney heroes and princes as Disney intended.  As asexual Ken dolls, pretty, but  not especially sexy, or with much depth.  As we get older, our Royal glasses adjust their field of vision, causing them to react a little differently.


I came to the Disney prince game a little late.  Sure, I saw them on television from time to time, but our home was filled with VHS copies of Disney films, and I think I was about 16 or 17 when I saw my first Disney film, start to finish in the theatre.  It was 1992's Aladdin, and in addition to loving Robin Williams and the soundtrack, I had my first erotic feels over a artistic created character.  I went on to lust after several different Disney studs, most recently Frozen's Kristoff who I've previously featured. (Melt

John Smith

DJ (djunderground123) isn't much older than I was when I first saw Aladdin, but at 24, his Royal glasses are far more advanced than mine were.  I first featured DJ's work last month, with his artwork featuring Riverdale's Kevin pantsing the resident randy redhead Archie Andrews. (HERE:)  I wanted to feature the Riverdale series first as we often connect more easily to things we recognize. I know FH readers are familiar with the actors and characters, and have often featured the cast from the show on the site.  I knew however, that it was DJ's stable of hunky Princes, I ultimately wanted to focus. 


DJ's fascination with Disney hunks began with Prince Charming, the first prince that he remembers seeing.  DJ watched his copy of Cinderella many times when he was a kid, and it remains one of his favorite movies, and remains one of his favorite fairy tales for life.


'As for a favorite prince, I only saw Sleeping Beauty when I was a little older but I fell in love Phillip because he was so charming. I appreciated that he had a role beyond a couple scenes compared to other Disney guys around his time.'

Some Day My Prince Will Come...

A Whole New World