Monday, August 25, 2008

Favorite Pic of the day for August 25th

Favorite Birthdays for today, August 25th

Happy Birthday today to:

Actor Jonathan Togo needs a shirtless scene! Jonathan turns 31 today.

Actor Rhasaan Orange turn 33 today.

Cameron Mathison turns 39 today.

Actor Tom Hollander (middle in last two pics below) turns 41 today.

Scrubs truely saves a ton on wardrobe costs for Robert Maschio. Robert turns 42 today.

I have loved Blair Underwood since he danced on the boardroom table with Abby on L.A Law. Blair turns 44 today.

Ally Walker is another of those women that if I were straight I would truly lust after. Ally turns 47 today.

Christian LeBlanc turns 50 today. (See my previous post on Christian).

Actor Tom Skerritt is about twice my age, but there is something very appealing about this great actor. I always find him very appealing in the roles he does. Tom turns 65 today.

Regis Philbin turns either 75 or 77 today. (Two different birthdates found).

Sean Connery turns 78 today.

Favorite Classic Playgirl Guy of the Day: Frank Guzman

Frank Guzman: Playgirl July 2006.

It is funny, Frank Guzman has none of the qualities I usually like in a guy, yet his pic series from July 2006 was one of the hottest that year. Great shots! The pic just below with the hat is one of my favorites!

Favorite Import of the Day: Sean Bean

In praise of the raw talent and beauty of England's Sean Bean. So amazing in all he does. It dosen't seem to matter if it is a huge movie like Lord Of The Rings, playing a killer in The Hitcher or his other roles such as those in Flightplan, The Island, North Country, Troy and many more. Such a fine looking man!