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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 24th

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Chionophile's are people, animals or organisms that thrive in cold weather.  They prefer Autumn over spring, and winter over summer.  I think I fit the definition, and so does model and artist Luke G.  If you're a fan of Luke's work on FH, you know he seems spring to life when the summer is over, and the leaves start to fall.  Check out's Luke's latest shoot, celebrating Thanksgiving and Autumn's end, on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Gobbler's Retribution


To all those celebrating today!

'You only like me for my breasts....'
The Thanksgiving Turkey

Art from Garik Aliev

Turkey's get a bad wrap, despite their reputation, if in a trusting relationship with a human, they can actually be quite social and friendly. Turkey's certainly get the rotten end of the stick at Thanksgiving.  I always found it rather morbid how many Thanksgiving images and decorations include turkey's, given t their sacrificial role in the festivities.  My issue isn't primarily with the eating of meat, it's the inhuman way in which we do it.

Art from Lord Iron

A few years ago, I began posting artwork with the theme of 'turkey's revenge'.  It began with just one image.  Since then, I have tried to add new art pieces each year whenever I could find them.  Given how many turkey's are being fried, stuffed and roasted today, I liked the thought of celebrating the bird with images with them fighting back and getting a little retribution on those trying to capture, kill, pluck and stuff them.

Back in 2020, I loved having a new and original art piece (above) from Roy from badsign769. to add to the series.  As you can see from Roy's image above the turkey's have teamed up and it looks like our hot pilgrim is about to get  his giblets cut, carved and castrated..  This year, Roy continued his story with a new piece of artwork below.  Our perky pilgrim was obviously caught, tied and stuffed.  He's all ready, and in position for an all you can eat buffet.   Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal!

badsign769 on Instagram | Twitter

12 Days: Ike Barinholtz in The Oath

In a politically divided America, a man struggles to make it through the Thanksgiving holiday without destroying his family

With comedians Ike Barinholtz and Tiffany Haddish you might think you're going to get a funny, 'feel good' Thanksgiving movie.  Think again... Although the cast is made up of comedy actors, 2018's The Oath leans more towards the dark side.  Made during the last couple of years of the dump presidency, the move explores the unrest and violence when a government goes bad.

I didn't love The Oath, but it did reignite my love of the Barinholtz  brother.  I know if push came to shove I might change my mind, but I think if the choice was a night of wild sex with a set of brothers, I might just pass over those Hemsworth's for some fun with the Barinholtz's.  I crushed over Ike since his days on MadTV, and then his little brother Jon, (who is also in The Oath) when he was on Superstore.

I remember I was just out of University when Ike made his debut on MadTV in 2002.   In his first couple of seasons, he and actor Josh Meyers were what really brought me over from SNL, and had me checking out the show, at least for a brief period of time.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Ike and Josh were often out of their clothes on MadTV, and some of their sketches were really boundary pushing at the time.  Many remember their kissing bros football sketch, (HERE:)  but that was just one many hilarious time the two teamed up. 

One of the most sketches that really pushed the limits was this one, featuring Ike, Josh Michael McDonald and Bobby Lee as Priests looking to get busy at a boys summer camp.  You can watch the Hot Up Here sketch on Youtube HERE:  Ike didn't really have too many nude scenes, but he did show a lot of skin, see more of his skin baring roles on FH HERE:

An Assertive Assist: Zilo by Lights On Studio

' I took way too many clothed shots.'

FH viewers know how much I love a slow reveal.  I love featuring portrait, clothed and underwear shots of models prior to the rousing reveal.   Usually, when I' featuring the work of photographer Tom Nakielski, (Lights On Studio) I have to request that he take more clothed or partially clothed shots, certainly not less...

Tom has shot dozens of holiday themed shoots for FH, including five for Thanksgiving, but when I first started scrolling through this series with Zilo, something seemed a little different...  It wasn't bad, Zilo looked adorable in his plaid shirt and jeans and I loved the harvest display that Tom had put together.  But... when as I scrolled, and scrolled, the first twenty or so images looked liked Tom had captured a set of images for Zilo to give as a gift to his Grandmother. 

I was a bit perplexed, Tom never seemed bashful about asking a model to drop trou, especially given his years of experience shooting hot naked men.  Like a turkey during the week before Thanksgiving, Tom seemed a little bashful,.  Like that fearful fowl, our sheepish shutterbug seemed  hesitant, nervous to ask Zilo to present his package.   Now I knew from Tom's shoot with Zilo for Halloween, (HERE:) the clothes definitely came off, but with this series of images there was an obvious holiday hesitation.  

Then I kept scrolling, and sure enough, Zilo began unbuttoning his plaid shirt, and the jeans were unzipped.  I actually really enjoyed the build up Tom created by having Zilo create a tantalizing Thanksgiving tease.  Shortly after I got an e-mail from Tom explaining why it took a awhile for Zilo's jeans to finally up on the studio's floor. 

'I took way too many clothed shots. It took me forever to finally get him naked. I think I am more shy about getting the models naked then they are. Karah finally hinted to me to have him start disrobing.'

We can all thank Tom's assistant Karah, for giving him a nudge that it was time to start giving thanks for Zilo's beautiful body. Given his experience and skill, Tom would have certainly gotten there on his own.  This was also not only Tom's first time meeting and working with Zilo, it was first time was back in the studio after health issues sidelined his photography earlier this year.  

I really need not have worried, over the past year or so, before his fall, Tom has been pushing erotic boundaries with his work, so much so, some of what he's shared with me has been more explicit than I usually share on FH.  I also did really enjoy Zilo's slow strip, and once those clothes came off, he and Tom really got going.  Check out the results from the second half of the Thanksgiving shoot, as well as Ziol's thoughts on the day, on the NEXT PAGE HERE: