Sunday, October 12, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 12th

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all the Canadian Blog Readers! Tomorrow is your official day, but I bet many of you are celebrating today.
Hope you all have a peaceful day.

Favorite Birthday Boy for October 12th Guillaume Bousses

Rugby certainly creates the most beautiful of backsides! French Rugby player, and one of my favorites from last years Stade video, Guillaume Bousses turns 27 today.

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for October 12th

Certainly a hunk for the hall of fame! Hugh Jackman turns 40 today. Funny, I LOVE Hugh Jackman, but I have yet to find too many of his movies I really love. I do love his personality which shines through in interviews, and his stage performances. His role in 'The Boy From Oz' was outstanding. Hopefully he will move from the 'superhero's and get back to some good storytelling in his future roles.

Also celebrating today October 12th

Happy Birthday also today to:

Model Nicholas Cobb turns 24 today.

Rugby's Yannick Larguet turns 28 today.

Actor Kirk Cameron, who many dislike because of his beliefs, (I for one respect his beliefs and way of living, I struggle with how he chooses to present them...) but who I, and many of you, had a major crush on turns 38 today.

OMG Nicholas is 40!!!! Happy Birthday Adam Rich, hope your getting your crap together.

The lovely Susan Anton turns 58 today.

Favorite Photographer of the Day: Ryan Pfluger

I clicked and saved the above pic of Colin a few months ago. I was going to post it as a pic of the day as Colin has such a beautiful behind. When looking more closely at the pic I was struck by the emotion in the picture. The use of light, the fact that Colin's reflection was not seen in the mirror, and the question of what exactly was Colin looking at or for in that mirror and a sense of sadness that there was no reflection to be seen.

In researching the pic, I discovered it's photographer, 24 year old Ryan Pfluger. Ryan works out of Brooklyn and although I have been reading his blog, and checking out his site a lot since discovering his work, what struck me most was this quote on his site 'their sense of self'. Sense of self is something I to spend a great deal of time trying to discover. As soon as I read that, Colin's picture took on even more meaning to me. Sense of self is so much different that what one presents. If one works hard, you can combine what you present and your sense of self, but most of us spend our life using our clothes, body, choice of words, to cover self. Self can be a truly amazing thing, or something scary as hell. Ryan's work sums it up in a beautiful and thoughtful way.

Below: 2 self portraits of Ryan.

It is interesting to me that Ryan's subjects seem to have so much in common with Ryan himself. There are similarites I am sure were done with intent. Ryan's models are not the typical runway model, and neither are most of us. A typical beautiful model would not be able to convey what is being said the same way. Not because they to don't strive for self, but because we would have trouble seeing this as we assume because they are perfect, this struggle is not a part of them. Of course we are wrong. I find Ryan's models, both nude shots, men and women to scream erotic and sexuality without screaming sex. Difficult task indeed. I have enjoyed studying Ryan's work and getting to know a bit about him recently. Thank you!

Next 2 pics are of Brian, who seems to be a favorite of Ryan's.

The pic below of Colin is one of my favorites of Ryan. His beautiful face and those eyes speak to me.

Check out Ryan's Site HERE:
Check out Ryan's Blog HERE:
Check out Ryan's Myspace HERE:

Favorite Sports Guy for October 12th Brett Hawke

Sexy Australian swimmer Brett Hawke swam to a bronze medal in the 100m freestyle at the 2008 Olympics. Brett also served this past year as a coach for the Brazilian Olympic team. Beautiful body, sexy, distinctive face and his Hawke tattoo's certainly make Brett a favorite swimmer. One named Australia's fastest man, Brett was loved by most he coached and seen by many as one of the best coaches in the sport.