Thursday, October 2, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 2nd

Jimmie by Greg Lindeblom
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Happy Birthday today October 2nd

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Return To Endor

This past August, I did a piece on the blog,  'How To Get Naked Camping Going...' introducing FH readers to a favorite new site I discoverd,  Innertaboo.

This week, Innertaboo featured the work of FH favorite Jaybee in a new series of images from Triangle Recreation Camp. As you can see, the images are beautiful and fun, creative and very very hot! Be sure to check out the 40 images in the Gallery on Innertaboo HERE:

Underlying Wonder: Jimmie by Greg Lindeblom

'I believe that we photographers have a rare gift to see beyond the surface to reveal the true underlying wonder that is all around us. Whether it is a breathtaking landscape, a perfect architectural detail, or an exquisite human body, I strive to show it in all its glory and depth.'

It remains endlessly fascinating to me, to explore what motivations make up the creation of a shoot or single image. Whatever we see in any image is made from the combination of three factors. For some photographers, and for some shoots, the photographer has a specific goal or theme in mind that the model is hired to portray. In other cases, the photographer has seen, or experienced something specific about the model they are shooting, a characteristic or quality they try to bring out and capture.

I always wonder when seeing an image that I like, which perspective they were shot from. Ultimately, both have the ability unveil both truths and lies depending on the shooting and editing process but I love when an artist is able to zoom in on a quality that resonates through each and every images of the model in front of their lens. This certainly rang true for me after discovering these images of Jimmie Slater from photographer Greg Lindeblom. Greg has been shooting and exhibiting work for over 20 years. His artwork has been on exhibit in New York, Boston, Seattle, Nashville, Detroit, and throughout south Florida

With all of Greg's skill and experience, when I saw my first image of Jimmie, the first adjective that came to mind was adorable. Corny I know, and maybe not a word normally associated with a great image, but I would argue that. Through Greg's lens and perspective, Jimmie conveys an refreshingly unassuming quality. Sweet, playful and just a little bit naughty. The combination of his fit, tight body along with his engaging, and slightly devilish smile, weaved together for captivating, and incredibly sexy images.

When I first contacted Greg about featuring his work with Jimmie, I sort of assumed from the images he was new to modeling. Not because I detected inexperience, but because he came across so unaffected and natural in front of the camera. When Greg wrote back that Jimmi might be familiar due to work on a variety of adult sites and movies, I was a bit surprised, but of course immediately googled.

When seeing Jimmie's other images, I was reminded instantly of Greg's quote from a previous feature about his work on the blog. The quote at the beginning of this feature came from that piece from 2011 Freezing Movement. Greg's words about seeing beyond the surface and revealing true underlying wonders resonated as I viewed Jimmie's adult site images, contrasted with the images from his work with Greg. Greg's words about the shoot, only reinforced the differences motivation and intent can bring forth.

'Jimmie is a really sweet young man, who has recently relocated from North Carolina to south Florida. We shot this past July, not long after he moved here. Jimmie is a handsome guy and it was a real pleasure working with him. His smile is infectious and beguiling. We were having so much fun on the shoot that he just kept smiling even when we put him in chains.'

I couldn't help but smile myself when reading Greg's description of Jimmie smiling all the way through the bondage themed images. The quality Greg tapped into seems such a core part of who Jimmie is as a person, a trait however which may have required covering or masking in his porn work. Most adult sites don't necessarily promote and capture 'sweet' and smiling is usually discouraged in favor of lusty animalistic glares. I loved Greg's work with Jimmi from the beginning, but appreciated it even more after the research and seeing other sides of him that have been captured.

You can check out more of Greg's work on ModelMayhem HERE:

You can also preview Greg's imagery within his books, Prime Time, Masculine Beauty, and Stopping Time,  All are available via Blurb HERE:

Locker Room: Just One Of The Guys

Long before Amanda Bynes got the idea in 'She's The Man', actress Joyce Hyser was strapping back her breasts and heading into the boys locker room in the 1985 teen comedy 'Just One Of The Guys'. I sort of remember seeing this flick years ago on VHS, but I had forgotten all about it until working on my Blast From The Past piece last week on actor William Zabka.

Hyser with actor Leigh McCloskey

I can't exactly recommend the film, but I did remember a couple of locker room scenes that required checking it out again. Most teen comedies in the 80's and 90's relied on at least one or two locker room scenes for both a little comedy, and a little skin. With Just One Of The Guys, both were rather scarce. Having the female, pretending to be a male as the towel boy seems ripe for great comedy, but the throw away bit doesn't really amount to much more than I have capped below.

Zabta with Billy Jacoby

The one thing I did enjoy about the movie was rediscovering how much I used to crush over actor Billy Jacoby. Billy was a scene stealer in most of his movies and when I watch this as a kid, more than crush worth. Billy is still looking fine (see below) and now goes by Billy Jayne for his acting credits. Billy was fixture on television and movies in the eighties and nineties and was last seen on TV in 2010 in an episode of The United States Of Tara.

Billy in Just One Of The Guys

Billy now

Into the locker room