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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 17th

Steve R by Chris Teel
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Happy Birthday today January 17th to:

Happy 28th to Kelvin Fletcher.
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Just Because: What about Talent?

People get old... Should they be shot for it?
Above: Jessica Lange, Goldie Hawn, Jane Fonda, Sally Field and Barbra Streisand. (Life Magazine Photo shoot, 1986).

Last night when I got home about an hour into The Golden Globes, but with the magic of the DVR was able to pretty much be on track live after about 30 minutes. I decided to log on to facebook to catch up on some of the commentary. Sometimes the comments are much wittier and funnier than the show itself. Now last nights show was not horrible, but with some of the most talented people in the world in the room, why was the banter not more interesting???

After about 10 minutes on Facebook I got pretty disgusted and quickly closed the window. First off acting award shows are supposed to be about acting. Now...the Golden Globes of course are about so much more but... The current emphasis on fashion and looks makes any talent anyone in the room have pretty much secondary to if they put on a pound or two and especially if they happened to do the unthinkable, age.

When Jane Fonda walked on stage people were a buzz about how great she looked, and hell she did! I like Jane Fonda, don't love her, but like her. Never found her acting as powerful as the other ladies in the top pic above. But really...did she look good for 75 or did she look just a bit odd. I guess it depends on your priorities. I read so many comments on how Jessica Lange should take a page from Fonda and how haggard Lange looked. Really??? For 63, she looks pretty fine to me. Now I guess Lange could have gotten a better stylist or spend a decade preaching to women about getting fit the natural way, then turn around and get everything nipped, tucked and sucked as Jane did, but I for one am pretty happy she did not.

In the past year Lange gave me chills and huge laughs with incredible turn as Constance on American Horror Story. (which btw she won for last night) Fonda, well she did the talk show circuit hawking her latest book. My goal is not to bash Jane, but I find it sad that her look, one put together with surgery, latex, make-up and tons of cash, is revered while someone like Lange who chose to age more naturally is bashed to shit. This world doesn't stand a chance!

Congratulations to the winners last night, although not all my picks won, all the winners were well deserved!

Principles: Steve R by Chris Teel

With FH now in it's 5th year it has become one of my goals to not only introduce readers of the blog to new and exciting artists, but to continue to showcase the work of artists who have shared their work, and their stories, with FH over the last five years. Toronto's Chris Teel has been sharing his time and his images for four out of those five years.

Although the search at the top of the blog is pretty much useless, when I as the blog owner search in my dashboard, 67 posts come up when I search for Chris on FH. In addition some of my features on his work, including his shots of Samuel Boux, are some of the sites most popular. Two of the most popular posts of all time included Chris' work with Matt Eldracher at the conclusion of the Model Search Chris and I conducted last winter. (Encore: & Culmination:)

I was really excited to see the results when I found out Chris shot Steve R last year. Steve is another favorite of mine and has been featured numerous times in the past couple of years as well. (Fight And Flight) Steve is one of the most interesting and talented guys to feature and his modeling is just a minuscule part of the various ways his passion and artistry are released. Although Steve lives in Greece, he also has Canadian connections and met up to shoot with Chris when in Toronto last year.

Chris beautifully blended his shooting style with the passion for martial arts, physical strength and movement, Steve assimilates into all he does. Steve has studied taekwondo for over 14 years, kickboxing for 3 years, and free style fight for 2. Some of the main principles of taekwondo are to teaches it's students self confidence, self respect, physical and mental discipline. Steve uses these within his own life to help strengthen discipline and confidence.

'I'm always on the lookout for models with dance, gymnastics, acrobatic, yoga and martial arts backgrounds as they're capable of creating the most interesting poses. Though I'd seen some of Steve's other work, I'm glad that although we were shooting martial arts, that the final images were dissimilar to anything else that he'd done and still reflected my style of shooting.'

See more of Chris' work on ModelMayhem 
and his official site HERE:

12 Months to GO!!!

Now I wish no physical harm or actual death on anyone. that 2012 is in full gear it is time to denounce twelve (1 per month) pop culture and media horrors that haunted us all in 2011 Some I have mentioned before, some might be new. Before you dismiss my list too quickly, ask yourself...have you seen Kate Gosslin lately? Your Welcome! Feel free to add your own!

12: Jennifer Hudson's weight watcher ads:

The voice that once moved me emotionally now has me moving quickly for the mute button.

11: The Kardashian's

Despite a brief infatuation with Rob's butt in stretchy dance pants it is truly time for those of us with a brain to turn away.

10: Anti-gay Politicians

It is time politicians stop using the rights of some it's citizens and the fears of others to manipulate votes.

9: Planking:

Was fun and interesting for about a week, then...not so much

8: The Voice:

There are far too many talent shows on tv as it is and this one's the weakest.

7: LL

People say most do Playboy on the way up, or the way down. Lets hope in her is the way out.

6: Reality Biographies:
Image Source:

Seems pretty much everyone who has their 15 minutes gets a book. Why? And most importantly, if anyone who reads FH purchased A Shore Thing by Snooki, leave NOW!

5: Speaking of Snooki...

Everyone and everything connected to JS needs to drift out to sea. You think it's harmless? You think it's funny? Laugh all you want but this depiction is how most of the rest of the globe think most Americans behave and live like.

4: Anything Twilight related:

I love me Kellan Lutz, some Cam Gigandet. I can even tolerate some Pattinson but not in Twilight. Except their making them money, Twilight did nothing for it's cast acting wise but bring them down.

3: Katherine Heigl movies:

She did some moving work on television but in movies...not so much.

2: Manipulated Members:

Yeah, I know I have gone on and on about it recently but lets hope 2011 brings the end of photoshopped penis' from uncreative creators.


Not so much an end but more a hope. Lets hope 2012 brings us something we have yet to see...Two well written Glee episodes in a row!!!