Monday, April 25, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 26th

Fantastic shot of Chris S by Jade Photography

Happy Birthday today April 26th

Channing Tatum turns 31 today.
Check out my previous Birthday post on Channing HERE:

Also celebrating today today April 26th:
Jake Wall:
Damien Van Zyl:
& Tom Welling:

Guy Pearce in Mildred Pierce

I don't get HBO (I know, I know...) but am looking forward to watching Mildred Pierce. I love Guy Pearce, Memento is a favorite film of mine. I also especially love Kate Winslet (Little Children and Eternal Sunshine being my favorite films of hers). Did anyone watch? Looks like a tour de force of great acting.

Coda: Model Search 2011

Matt Eldracher by Chris Teel:

It feels like we are just coming up to the surface after a long winter. The winter was not so horrible really, but it seems like it began a long time ago. This past winter began with the completion of Model Search 2011. The winner, Matt Eldracher was crowned in January and I again want to thank all of those who voted!

Photographer Chris Teel also had a busy winter with working, shooting and a move a couple of months ago. Things have finally settled down and Chris and I are ready to unveil some of the results of his recent shoot with Matt. Every week or two I have gotten an email asking when the shots of Matt will be released on FH. Well the date is set for this weekend, so be sure to check back to see the incredibly hot results of Chris and Matt's time together! Here is just a little sneak peak!

Check out Chris Teel's official website HERE:

Tyler Christian by Chris Teel

In the competitive world of photography, being great at shooting the male form is just the one of the many skills and abilities that is needed. Creativity is certainly also at the top of the list. One part of the job I don't talk about too often is the never ending quest to find new talent. With any job, your way of thinking often changes depending on what your focus is. Meteorologists must always have their eye to the weather, photographers of course to bodies and faces. Finding that new face, a face with something different, something special is the ultimate goal. Chris Teel recently found that face in new model Tyler Christian.

Chris discovered Tyler on Facebook about a year ago. He had a great face shot on his profile page. Chris saw the potential right away and says he has such a memorable look. Chris says Tyler seemed unsure at first and that it took several conversations before he agreed to do a shoot last summer. The results must have been great as a few months later Tyler moved to Toronto to work and explore the modelling world.

'We'd been planning to shoot again but were waiting for the right inspiration. We'd watched Velvet Goldmine recently, inspiring the purchase of the silver tights... The idea came together when we tumbled across that car, sitting outside a body shop, just a few blocks from my house. wanted a somewhat masculine look but didn't want to overshadow Tyler himself with too much styling.'
-Chris Teel-

Tyler's new to modelling so doesn't have his MM page set up (yet), but he is looking forward to developing his portfolio further. I will let you know when/where you can see more of Tyler's amazing face (and body)!