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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 8th

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Happy Birthday today June 8th

Happy 58th to actor Frank Grillo!

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Alberto by TR Pics

Man of the Moment: Nicholas Galitzine

When did this boy become the go-to on-screen twink??
Sam Greisman

I've featured British actor and musician Nicholas Galitzine on FH before, but only in birthday posts. (HERE:)  After seeing the above Tweet by Sam Greisman this week, I decided it was time for a bit of a deeper dive.  I enjoy following Sam on Twitter, not only for his pop-culture commentary, but because I also love his taste in hot and talented hunks.  

'Two unpopular queer high school students start a fight club to have sex before graduation.'

I hadn't heard or read anything about the upcoming 'Bottom's, but after seeing Sam's Tweet, I had to check out more.  There always seems to be an actor or actress who becomes the 'go-to' actor for certain roles, and I'm glad the gorgeous Galitzine is getting his well deserved moment in the spotlight.

I'm sure the London based actor had no issue playing football player Jeff in Bottoms as he spent many hours on the field playing both rugby and football when in school.  The actor's first role was alongside Luke Perry in 2014's The Beat Beneath My Feet.  Galitzine was able to use his skills as a singer and musician in the film, performing several songs on the film's soundtrack.

Although he's played heroes and princes Galitzine has also not shied away from playing LBGTQ characters.  The talented actor played a closeted student in the film Handsome Devil, and played a bisexual student in The Craft: Legacy.  Galitzine also played a gay character in TNT's short lived series Legends.

Red, White & Royal Blue

Later this summer, Galitzine also co-stars alongside Taylor Zakhar Perez in the romance Red, White & Royal Blue.  The Prime movies features Galitzine as Henry, a fictional Prince of Wales who sparks up a romance with the son of the American President.

Handsome Devil (2016)

Legends 2015

Although Galitzine has yet to shoot a nude scene, he did look exceptionally hot in his briefs during his turn as the seductive Angelo on a season two episode of the TNT crime drama Legends.  There does not appear to be any nudity in Bottoms, but fingers crossed we'll see more of Galitzine in the future!

Allen: The Banned And The Beautiful

'As I pulled my underwear off in front of a photographer for the first time I felt a lot of freedom.'

This particular feature, was over six months in the making.  Not because I'm slow, or was too busy, but because of bans.  I was initially drawn to image's of Allen on Model Mayhem last Autumn, and got in touch about featuring his work.  I shot him a message and hoped for a response.  I got a message back from Allen that he was on board, but  I went back to his MM page a few days later to choose some images, it had disappeared. 

That wasn't too strange, models leave MM every day.  What did seem a little odd, was Allen just positively responding to my message.  Thankfully Allen had saved my e-mail that I originally included in my message, but it took him awhile to find out where he put it.  When he did get back in contact, he shared that he'd been banned from Model Mayhem, without any reason given.

It seems strange to me as I'd been on Allen's page, and there were no erection shots or overly sexual images.  Just a collection of portraits and a few tasteful nudes.  Allen is currently still trying to appeal, but anyone who's experienced being banned on a social media site, knows direct communication is almost impossible.  I was banned myself last week from Instagram.  I too appealed, but was not able to communicate directly with anyone.  Thankfully, my page was back up a day or so later with a message from Instagram that they'd made a mistake.  Not everyone's bans turn out with such a speedy, and positive results. 

As visually stunning as Allen's body clearly is, it was his face that had me first getting in touch.  I loved the shape of his face, his facial hair and especially, his beautiful eyes.  Allen is actually a photographer, but initially got into modeling to learn how to improve his skills behind the camera.  

When he started looking for modeling gigs, and to collaborate and learn from more experienced photographers, Allen noticed a pattern.  Most of the offers that he both saw, and that he was getting, were from photographers looking for nude models.  Although he hadn't really thought of stripping down before, it seemed to be where the work was, so decided to give it a go.

'The first shoot I ever did was a nude shoot, I started out fully clothed and was asked if I was comfortable removing my clothes. As I pulled my underwear off in front of a photographer for the first time I felt a lot of freedom. I didn’t expect for the shoot to turn erotic but it wasn’t long before I was stroking myself on a couch while the photographer watched and photographed every detail. '

Despite the experience Allen describes above, he shares he was really quite nervous the first time he posed fully nude.  He ended up really enjoying it however, and loved the art that was created.  Although Allen still considers modeling a hobby, he's excited to do more shoots and work with more photographers.  Thus far, Allen shares his biggest issue has been finding photographers.  It's been even more difficult, since his ban from Model Mayhem. 

Allen is currently living in the Dallas, Fort Worth area,  so if you're a photographer in the area, shoot him a line.  Although Allen's not on Model Mayhem any longer, or on social media, he did recently open a Patreon page that you check out HERE: