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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 15th

Theo Greece by Churidarshi Studios 
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Happy Birthday today October 15th

Happy 48th to actor Matt Keesler!

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Keesler in Dune (2000)

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Horror Hunks: Myles O'Brien in Evil Laugh

'Ten years ago something terrible happened in this house.. This weekend it's about to happen AGAIN.'   

Following accusations of child abuse, an orphanage is burned to the ground.  The buildings custodian was the accused, resulting to a psychotic breakdown and a mass murder A decade later, the orphanage is being rebuilt and a group of medical students are brought in to turn the new building into a foster home.

With that as the backdrop, it shouldn't be a surprise that new assailant is in the area.  And like most masked killers in 80's horror flicks, he likes to stalk, torture and murder student bodies, especially when they're hot.

One of the hottest bodies on display belongs to Mark, played by actor Myles O'Brien.  I hadn't heard of O'Brien before, but after someone posted a clip from 1986's Evil Laugh last year, I wanted to see more. Unfortunately, there really wasn't a lot more to see...

O'Brien got his start on television with roles in the early eighties on Diff'ent Strokes and The Twilight ZoneEvil Laugh, marked his big screen debut.  O'Brien went on to appear on many other television shows including stints on Murder She Wrote, Models Inc and The Young And The Restless

The blonde Adonis did appear in two 'straight to video' erotic thrillers, Sexual Roulette and Scorned 2, but it doesn't appear he showed much skin in either.  O'Brien appears to have left the business with his last official acting credit back in 2006.

But we do have this scene, a sort of erotic and fun scene.  As in most horror flicks, this sex scene occurs before the blood bath begins, when all that's on the character's minds is having fun and having sex.  There may be the briefest frontal flash in this scene, but the quality isn't great so it hard to tell.  It was sort of fun to re-watch and keep checking though...

Tina : [after someone fondles Mark's backside] I'm not playing with your butt 
 Mark : If you're not, who is?

The Whole Story: Theo Greece by Churidarshi Studios

'I never fully understood my sexuality or felt comfortable in my own skin.  I made a commitment to myself that at 50, I would express myself and be ok with who I am'
Theo Greece

FH readers know my love of story, and great images, always have one to tell.  The challenge however, is how much of the story the creators wish to reveal.  Many artists and models want the images to speak for themselves.  I get this, but I'm one of those people who likes to play the commentary on DVD's, and listen to writers and artists discuss their process.  

Theo Greece has a story to tell.  Instead of writing it, Theo wanted to share his story in a visual expression of erotic energy, one arising from both sexual repression and survival.  Theo was 38, married for 16 years and with kids before he finally understood he could not get away with being who he truly was.  He tried his best to stay ahead of it, but as many of us have experienced, it can be exhausting, not to mention futile, trying to run from who you really are.

After embracing his true self, Theo was hit by another challenge, a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. Today, at 49, Theo's a cancer survivor, and looking to get back in shape, and explore and celebrate his sensuality and the kinkier sides of his personality.  What better way, than with an artist and erotic photo shoot. Although Theo stays his body is still a work in progress, and wants to lose a little more weight, he was eager to get started, and didn't want to wait.  

As you can see from this set of images from Churidarshi Studios, Theo threw himself into the shoot with the intensity of a man with a statement to make, and a story to share.  The images show are some of my favorites, but are just a glimpse of the eroticism exuded and captured.  Theo attempted to go mild to wild, but it was clearly his wild side that won out!

'I had an amazing photoshoot with Churidarshi Studios!  I was not expecting to get so intimate with the photoshoot it just started to go there when I let myself go with it.'

'I went to a place I have not gone before it was cathartic, erotic but also artistic and very professional. It felt like a very private male experience in my head. I shut everything else out and committed to it. It was a pretty amazing experience and the photographer's lighting was so complimentary, especially as I am not in tip top shape.... yet.'

One of themes Theo wanted to highlight in his shoot, was the stigma still surrounding gay sex and sexuality.  When he was married, sex was easy, and he felt total freedom to try anything without any issue or feelings of shame.  When out with his wife, public displays of affection were mostly ignored, or met with a smile. Now, even in 2020, just holding hands with his boyfriend in public, can illicit stares and looks of judgement. 

'Coming to terms with my sexuality and my body and what I needed took me a long time. After being sick and getting into remission I really started to feel as if time was limited and that I needed to get going and embrace the whole me the gay side and my body'

'When I turned 50 I thought now was the time to do it. People ask me all the time what is the difference between straight sex and gay sex and to tell the truth it is not that much difference, when you are intimate your intimate. Allowing myself to be vulnerable or penetrated I guess is the main difference and it feels so good; if I close my eyes and go with it.'

'I guess that is what I was trying to achieve in the photoshoot, letting go of my inhibitions and understanding that being gay does not change who I am it's just embracing the entire story, something I didn't do that when I was married.  I think Americans in particular don't always embrace the whole story and perhaps that is changing slowly. I hope so, as I know there are many many guys out there just like me that are willing, under the right circumstance's, to explore their whole picture and it doesn't make them weak, but in fact it makes them stronger.'

Churidarshi Studios