Monday, April 16, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 17th

Logan by takeurpicture
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Happy Birthday today April 17th to:

Happy Birthday to Evandro Soldati who turns 28 today. Check out more of Evandro along with fellow birthday boys Sean Bean & Gabriel Soto HERE:

Grin: Scott Herman by Joseph Smileuske

It has been far too long since favorite Scott Herman has made an appearance on FH. Scott is as busy as ever with Scott Herman Fitness and recently shot again with the amazing Joseph Smileuske. Some of my favorite images of Scott are Joseph's. The two recently collaborated again for a new swimsuit shoot for Complete Magazine. As hot as the shots are, the behind the scene's video, featuring many moments of Scott's sense of fun and killer grin is also definitely worth a look!

Wes Brown: Dirty Little Secrets

Is anyone watching Scandal? I almost didn't. My love affair with show creator Shonda Rhimes is sort of on the skids. Grey's Anatomy had been my favorite television drama but the last season or two have been almost unwatchable. (Give Alex a decent storyline, ditch the new interns, all the new characters actually except Arizona...we don't care... Get Christina her groove back and bring the hope, so central to the first few seasons back!!!). I don't watch Private Practice but decided to give Scandal a shot and finished watching the shows first two episodes on DVR last night.

Far fetched, soapy with manipulative editing and far too many camera tricks. Still, the pace and story were instantly addictive. Kerry Washington tries a little too hard to be too cool for school, but she leads and impressive supporting cast of characters. Although I am sure the producers think having a President is important for drama, my love for actor Tony Goldwyn did not make up for the fact his scenes dragged down the shows pace.

Despite all the action going on, guest actor Wes Brown stood out in the pilot, aptly titled Dirty Little Secrets. I instantly was at attention when his character Sully St. James walked into the office bloody and in shock. Sully's secret was a doozy and although played out well, could have been more powerful if written over a couple of episodes. A former model, Wes has been busy on television working as a semi-regular on Hart Of Dixie and True Blood. Brown has also had multiple episode appearances on Private Practice and Trauma with many one-shots in between. Wes Brown: One to Watch!

Wes in Hart Of Dixie:

Wes in Private Practice:

The Masculine Mystique: Logan by takeurpicture

Mystique is not something you can really plan to capture within an image. It is not physical nor is it tangible. Mystique is more a feeling, an aura, something in the air around a particular person or thing.

Masculinity, much like Mystique, can also be difficult to exactly pinpoint. Although some define one's masculinity with factors such as body type, degree of muscle or by levels of testosterone or stereotypical characteristics of what a man is, none of these actually can totally capture it. I have watched many photographers throw sports gear, rugby pads or a football helmet on a model in an effort to produce a masculine looking image. Problem is, masculinity, much like mystique, is not really about what you wear, but more who you are under the gear. You sort of either have it or you don't. The helmet may create brief illusions, but look a little closer and usually you can see there is something unauthentic about the shot.

Like most of you, I have strongly felt it around many an athlete. I have also however felt it around skinny guys, short guys, computer geeks, young guys and especially in men over the age of 25. Innate masculinity usually develops along with maturity, and often it is men in their late 20's, 30's and older who have learned how to skillfully moderate the aura that surrounds them. The aura is always there, but can be controlled and someone who understand it's power can regulate how much they exude depending on the situation.

Masculinity is most certainly real and powerful, contrived shots of masculinity however can come across feeling odd and unnatural. A skilled photographer would not put boxing gloves on a model who could not pull them off, when they do, the model often comes off looking more like a kid playing dress up. Louis Grosemont from takeurpicture knows this better than most. When Louis uses props or clothes in his shoots, they are to enhance and compliment the masculine mystique, not an attempt to create it.

Louis did not set out to capture Fearless masculinity, his original plan was to become a journalist. Although he obtained a Masters in Communications, while attending Philadelphia's Temple University Louis was asked by a professor and mentor to attend graduate school and teach photography labs to his lecture class. It was during this time photography became a passion. When it comes to his style, Louis says he simply wants to take photos that he himself would want to see, by taking a models best features and accenting them both visually and artistically.

Logan undoubtedly has many features worthy of accenting, from his great face and infectious grin and every inch, shooting stars included, of his incredible body. Louis met Logan though a model online casting. Louis says Logan sent him a sample of photos all taken with a camera phone. Louis initially worried the shots might be fake as so many online responses have ended up in disappointment, sometimes the images supplied having been shot years earlier. It seemed odd that someone as great looking as Logan would not have had some professional shots to send on.

'Logan ended up being true to his photos and a great model to work with. He is easy and takes direction well and many times supplied his own input into the shoot. But his smile is amazing. You heard that expression, a smile that can light up a room. I never understood that phrase but when I look at his smile, it is a 1,000 mega watts....What is great about him is that his smile makes you fall for him, because it displays an innocent, childlike presence.... and you melt, but his serious look is so strong and powerful and sensual...which is great...his facial expressions change the photos completely. He is perfection to work with!'
Louis Grosemont

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