Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 14th

Jonathan Shea Alexander by Emerging Talent Images
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Kudos to Jon Hamm

'Stupidity is certainly celebrated.'

I don't generally support calling anyone stupid. I am not so sure however Jon Hamm called any one person stupid, I think his point was that the American public celebrates and even worse, in these very difficult times, financially support the stupid actions of others. I am not sure even Kim or Paris themselves could argue they have both made many stupid moves in their negotiation and manipulation of the American public and press.

I applaud Hamm however for saying what so many of us think. We are a dumbed down culture where PBS struggles to survive (yeah Downton Abbey!) and Snooki makes the cover of national magazines. Paris thank goodness is pretty much history, replaced of course by Kim who seems on her way out. Sadly someone else is already in the wings, just waiting to drop his or her undies, grab the bottle and head to center stage. The spotlight stupidity is not on them however, it should be shined brightly on those who remain seated in the audience for the next show. That theatre, if we were smart, would be long empty.

Red-Handed: Jesse Hutch in Once Upon A Time

'The better to eat you with'.
The Brothers Grimm

Fairy Tales are all the rage on television and on film these days but I had yet to run into the forest until this past Sunday's episode, Red-Handed of Once Upon A Time. I enjoyed the shows pilot, then watched sporadically until this week. This weeks episode, which delved into Red Ridinghood's back story was my favorite outing of the series thus far.

Sadly, the show repeated again it's pattern of killing off (usually savagely) it's hottest of hunks! I was instantly taken with Peter, actor Jesse Hutch who paid dearly for loving, and trusting in Red.

The Canadian born Hutch looked familiar, but I could not quite place him until I hit IMDB. There I saw his credits, and like most young Canadian actors, Hutch spent a fair amount of time on US shows filmed in Canada Kyle XY, Smallville and The 4400) and many horror flicks (Freddy & Jason) which for financial reasons, often get shot north of the border.

Jesse Hutch: One To Watch!

Good Evening: Jonathan Shea Alexander by Emerging Talent Images

Last November, even as I was still putting together my first profile,(Good Morning: Model Jake Coleman Wilson) featuring the work of Mississippi's Emerging Talent Images, I was already thinking about a second. ETI's photographer Bill had so many great images within his portfolio that I wanted to feature, a follow-up was clearly destined to occur.

The choice of who to feature next was sort of a no brainer. Bill's images of 26 year old Jonathan Shea Alexander were some of my favorites from the get go. Love the curly hair, goatee and expressive brown eyes. Jonathan exudes a combination of both sexy with serious. His look is one you could imagine fitting equally well both on a runway in New York City or shooting in a cabin on a mountain top.

Bill got in touch with Jonathan last fall and both were on board for a profile. The two had already shot together twice last year and were interested in getting together and shooting new images for the feature. I love the new set. Bill used all things I loved and described in my first profile, yet creatively, it is quietly, but beautifully a bit more aggressive, more night than morning, with a greater sense of urgency.

Below: Jonathan Shea Alexander by Emerging Talent Images exclusively for FH

Jonathan reports he began modeling the way many guys do. While in high school, he posted a few pictures of himself on his MySpace page and a local photographer noticed and sent him a message about getting some better shots done. After getting a couple of paid offers from other photographers he thought maybe he should give it a try and from there, things began to happen. Jonathan hopes a move to California is in his future, to further explore his modeling and acting aspirations.

'Bill is probably the best photographer I've worked with so far. He's easy to work with. No pressure, and we always end up with great images. I'm really happy with the last shoot we did because it gave me a little more edge for my port.'
Jonathan Shea Alexander

'This was my third shoot with Jonathan. I always enjoy working with him because he's a total pro. He falls easily into just the right poses without much direction and the camera loves him. He's extremely photogenic, laid back, and willing to work to make any concept perfect. I think he's got a lot of potential in this business. He just needs to be signed. (hint, hint to any agents out there looking for fresh, new talent).'

'This shoot took place at a loft apartment that belongs to a friend of mine. The place is a photographer's dream. It's so open and airy that the light just flows through the place perfectly. We did quite a bit of shooting in an open doorway and it was freezing outside that day. So Jonathan was quite the trooper to brave the cold, but the result was some really nice images as you can see. He continued to be a trooper when I put him in the shower because we had to keep the water fairly cool to keep my camera lens from fogging up. At the end of the shoot, though, Jonathan was able to turn the water on hot and warm up after a long photo shoot that was super-cool (literally).'
Bill From Emerging Talent Images

Jonathan Shea Alexander on ModelMayhem
Emerging Talent Images on ModelMayhem

Thumbs Up: Airport Security

These shots of Kellan Lutz I believe are actually from 2010. But...they are new to me! Seeing him remove his belt and go though a security checkpoint upon departure from LAX are certainly worth a post, 2 years late or not!