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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 21st

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Double Sinks

Thanksgiving Eve

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Images via Studio1x

To Be Determined: Bryce by PR PHOTO

'Bryce is the kind of model you dream of shooting.... Perfect body... Perfect face.... Great hair!'

Perfect is a complicated word and also in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to model Bryce Uni, I think PR PHOTO chose the most accurate adjective to describe Bryce's look.  Although for many, perfect indicates a lack of flaw, for me, it's more subjective.  Visual perfection is for me, a model or image which includes each of the desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics that I look for in a image of the male form.

PR's shots of the 20 year old Chicago model ticked all the boxes on my perfection list.  Starting with Bryce's bright and seductive green eyes and sexy grin, his face was what first drew my attention.  Glancing a little lower however, his incredible body not only continues to hold your attention, but his muscular legs and thighs, grab hold and ensures your attention remains intensely engaged.

'I first met Bryce on a shooting trip to Chicago. I had texted him for months setting up our shoot. He seemed like a good guy, always responding with exciting messages full of emojis. We were both very much looking forward to the shoot.'.

'Fast forward two months to our meeting day. Bryce walks in and he's the perfect muscle boy type with an angelic face complete with a winning smile. The shoot starts and each pose us perfection. His body is exquisite and the light highlights every muscle.'

'The shoot was smooth, quick, and easy. PR and I clicked really quickly upon meeting for the first time. Dude was super kind and offered me a lot of advice in furthering my modeling career, to which I so very appreciate. I’d absolutely work with him again if the opportunity arose.'

PR recalls that as they move from location to location and from pose to pose, Bryce never lost his energy and enthusiasm and love of being in front of the camera.  PR liked that Bryce didn't take himself too seriously so the feeling was light and casual, almost like shooting with an old friend.  When the shoot was finished, PR remembers feeling he'd  just captured a bit of magic.

Although Bryce describes himself as fairly inexperienced, it's clear he was meant to be in front of the camera. Right now, Bryce says his career is still to be determined, but is looking to expand both his experience, and his knowledge of the field of modeling.  One of the indications a successful shoot, is the desire to seem more.  That was certainly the case with for me when spending time enjoying PR's shots of Bryce. 

PR's shots are like a mouth watering appetizer, wetting the viewers appetite for the next course.  I think it's impossible to view this set of images without hoping Bryce's towel might drop or wondering what's bulging under's Bryce's blue briefs. Being the generous guy he is, Bryce didn't want to leave anyone still hungry and craving for more.  You can visually feast on the next course by checking out some of Bryce's selfies on his MM page HERE: or by checking out a few of my personal favorites on FH HERE:

Scott Cavalheiro: The Other Vet in Town...

'And they called it, puppy love....'

For me, there's only one vet in Schitt's Creek I'd want to visit my barn, and that's the adorable Ted (played by Dustin Milligan who I featured on FH HERE:) But... if Ted was on vacation or down with the flu, I'd be open to the town's other vet Miguel doing a house call.

Fans of the hilarious Schitt's Creek remember that Miguel, and the adorable Scott Cavalheiro who plays him, were introduced briefly with only the image above in an early episode of the series. In season 4 however, we got to meet Miguel in person when he and Alexis were matched on an on-line dating site.  Alexis obviously has a thing for small town vets....

Schitt's Creek isn't the only acting job that had Cavalheiro thinking of puppies.  When cast in the role of  'cute guy' science fiction series Alphas, the Canadian actor, writer and producer spent 6 weeks living in a pet store caring for puppies to understand what 'cute' really was.  With his adorable face and puppy dog eyes, I'm sure most of us wouldn't need 6 weeks to know Cavalheiro is indeed, incredibly cute.

'I'm sometimes a jerk on TV but I'd prefer to be known as the guy who wears his socks inside out.'

Forbidden Science (2009)

When first deciding to profile Scott, I didn't think he had done any nudity, there wasn't any in my initial search.  But then.... I discovered he indeed dropped his drawers in the 2009 Cinemax "After Dark" series Forbidden Science.  The show is set in a near-future world in which people fulfill erotic desires with virtual reality and androids. The 13-episode series is a combination of film noir and erotic thriller.