Sunday, November 2, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 2nd

The Queer As Folk scene with Justin waking up seeing Ethan (Fabrizio Filippo) playing violin is so hot to me. (See pics below) How great to wake up finding a naked man playing music to you! Thought this theme was a good reason to post this pic as the pic of the day today.

Favorite Birthday Boy for November 2nd: Randy Harrison

Randy Harrison has won me over. And he looks stunning (above) in a photo from his time on stage in Equus. Randy Turns 31 today.

Also Celebrating Today November 2nd

Also Celebrating today November 2nd

Rugby's Daniel Cipriani turns 21 today.

Actor Jason Cerbone turns 31 today.

Sean Kanan turns 42 today.

Actor Shahukh Khan, one of a small list of actors from India turns 43 today.

David Schwimmer turns 42 today.
The Canadian with the voice, K.D Lang turns 47 today.
Stefanie Powers turns 66 today.

Another Favorite 'Boyfriend' from Queer As Folk: Fabrizio Filippo

Randy Harrison's birthday made me think about some other Queer As Folk guys I have been enjoying. Now, those who read my blog know I had never really gotten into Queer As Folk. There was something too 'over the top' about the show and also Randy Harrison annoyed me. Before even turning on an episode I worried that given the attention it got, it could be a good thing and a bad thing to have this show as the way many people may think gay people live, well thankfully the good does seem to outweigh the bad. Many encouraged me to give it a shot, and I am up to season 3. I am liking it more than I thought, and although Randy is still hit or miss to me, I can see why he is so well liked by many. Dispite still annoying me from time to time, I cannot help by feel for his character and that is due Randy's talent as an actor. Right now, my favorite actor on the show is Dean Armstrong who is currently not on the shows I am watching, although I know he returns. Of course I am loving Sharon Gless, but still find myself FF through some storylines. But I will finish it!

Although this post is about Fabrizio, I cannot post about QAF boyfriends without mentioning Dean Armstrong who holds a special place for me with his beauty and talent. See my previous post on Dean.

Fabrizio Filippo is simply stunning! His beauty comes not only from is amazing face and body (which is perfect to me), it also comes from his musical talent and acting skills. I rooted for Ethan on Queer As Folk which is not an easy thing given the power of Brian and Justin. Hoping to see Fabrizio in more roles soon! This Canadian born actor is also a talented writer and director. Check out his site HERE:

Favorite Face Of The Day: Eric McIntire

Halloween is over, but there are a couple of guys who I discovered while looking for Horror Movies last week and one is the beautiful Eric McIntire. This actor and model was in a lame movie called 'Camp Slaughter' (Camps Daze) and some of you might have seen him on 'Days Of Our Lives' but his beautiful face certainly has caught my attention. You can see more pics of Eric HERE:

Eric in 'Camp Slaughter' with Matt Dallas.

Favorite Terra Guy For November 2nd Lucas Resende

Terra's new 'The Boy' Lucas Resende. What an amazing silhouette his backside makes. Simply stunning.