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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 6th

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Piece of Work

'Take comfort this Labor Day in knowing the pressure to have fun this summer is finally over.'

Australian Women's Forum: Julian Saber

Julian, funky jazz musician and gorgeous bass guitarist, has what every woman looks for in a man-a natural sense of rhythm. 

Name: Julian Saber
Age: 24
Star Sign: Gemini
Lives: Adelaide SA
Makes a Living: Web page designer and music tutor

Australia's version of Playgirl magazine was promoted as a magazine for women who were unashamed about liking sex and loving men. Launched in the early 90's, Australian Women's Forum (AWF) lasted close to ten years, folding in 2001. I've previously posted some of my favorite men from AWF (HERE:) and thought it was time for update!  Thanks to Billydee over at DC for the original posts!

Julian smooths back his dark, floppy hair and his brown eyes t winkle.  He seems like a quiet and assuming guy but once he gets talking, you can't get a word in.  He describes himself as 'just a guy who likes to chill out.' His driving ambition is music.

'I'm actually going through a stage of self-discovery and I wanted to bare my soul, so to speak. I'm not an exhibitionist, but I thought this would help me become more confident.'

Patrick Dempsey in Face The Music

'Exes Lisa and Charlie agree to write a love song for a movie. Charlie is getting married in two weeks. His fiancée suggests writing at her farm outside Paris for (non-existent) peace and quiet - to keep an eye on him.'

Somehow Patrick Dempsey's nude scene in 1993's Face The Music slipped by me.  Not only had I not seen the movie, I don't really remember even hearing about it before.  Thanks to poster Hawthorne over at DreamCaps though, I now have!

I've soured on Dempsey over the last year, maybe in part due to some of the rumors I'd read about his attitude on Grey's Anatomy.  This scene however, had me remembering how much I loved Dempsey when I was younger and so many of his early movies and television shows. I loved some of his early movies, including his first role in Heaven Help Us which I featured last week. I also really loved him during his brief turn on the ABC drama Once & Again.

The Sunroom: Pete by Studio1x

'Pete is such a creative person and I felt doing the shoot at his place would be perfect.  He lives in an older complex that had such a great feel to it, plants, decorated well, claw foot tub, beautiful lighting, I was in heaven.'

Some of you may remember Pete, and his work with Jim from Studio1x, when I first featured their work together this past Father's Day. (Pop of the Morning) In addition to checking out all of Pete, we also got to check out quite a bit of Pete's place. Jim utilized the light in many of the rooms in Pete's flat and both the bedroom and bathroom were featured in the first two pieces.

For this series of images, Pete gets comfortable, (aka naked) in his living room.  It's not surprise Jim chose to shoot in this location, the room is circled in windows providing the glorious light that cascades over Pete's beautiful skin.  With the many windows, the multitude of plants and the amazing light, I was reminded of a room I once spent a lot of time in.

FH readers know how important story is in the pieces I put together, and the room I remembered, was the central location in more than few life defining moments in the course of my own story. My panoramic light room wasn't a living room but a sunroom in a house that I rented when I was in my early twenties.  I didn't rent it along, I co-signed a  one year lease with the woman I was engaged with.  Many of you may remember that story, I wrote about it at length in several different pieces in the site's first few years. 

The year we lived together was one of the best, and one of the worst years of my life.  It was the year I hurt someone badly, it was also the year I finally came out and began my life as needed to be lived. So much of both that pain and that joy manifested itself in the many hours I spent sitting our sunroom. Decisions were made, promises were broken, time-lines were negotiated and relationships were redefined. 

It was also a room of safety.  There's something special about a room that brings so much of the outside world in, but allows you to stay distanced, observing, but not really interacting.  I drank my coffee every morning in that sunroom, and often drank a glass or red wine there in the evenings.  I went in there to read, to work, to nap.  Mostly though, I just went in there to sit and to think.

As I pondered my life, and the situation I was in, I often coped through distraction.  The windows and light provided continuous visuals for mental breaks.  People walking by,  neighbours mowing lawns,
 rain coming down in the spring, snow in the summer.  I watched the cars go by and tensed up when first hearing, then seeing, my own car pull in the driveway.  

We lived close to where I worked, so I usually walked.  I left my car for her to take to work. Her arrival home always meant whatever I was thinking about, whatever I was distracting myself with, was coming to an end. I always then got up, and went into the living room.  We never really fought or discussed heavy issues in the sunroom.  Although I thought heavy thoughts there, I think we both knew, the sunroom was off limits for the many difficult conversations we had over the course of that year. 

Despite how difficult that time was, I miss that house, that sunroom and the woman I lived there with.  We remained friends for quite a few years, I even became the God Father of her first child.  Eventually though, we drifted apart and communication these days is the odd e-mal on holidays.

Looking back, I do regret that unlike Pete, I didn't spend any time naked in my sunroom.  Our neighbours were close, and with all the windows, it would have been impossible not to be seen.  I wouldn't really care these days, but I was much more reserved and cautious back then.  I common symptom I think, when still in the closet.  I did slide in there a few times in my underwear late at night, but only because the protection of darkness had temporarily replaced the light.

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