Thursday, February 3, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 3rd

Lyle (See more below)

Happy Birthday today February 3rd to:

One of my favorite, and one of the most interesting, guys that I profiled last year was Chris 'Bulldog' Williams. Happy Birthday to Chris who turns 33 today. Check out my previous posts on Chris HERE: & HERE and check out Chris' site MeatPistols HERE:

Check out more Birthdays from February 3rd including Andy Grant, Sybren Jansma, Sergio Blass & Thomas Calabro HERE:

Kudos to The SAG Awards & Ernest Borgnine

The other day I wrote about going through the check counter with my parents as a kid begging to get the Archie Comic digests. When you walk through the check outs today you are assaulted by shots of Lindsay Lohan, Kate Gosslin, Charlie Sheen and the Bachelor (thankfully Paris Hilton seems to now be old news).

How nice it was then on Sundays SAG awards (that I just finally watched yesterday) that they honored Ernest Borgnine. 94 year old Ernest was never a star, but always an actor who has appeared in 167 films and countless tv shows. I was first introduced to Borgnine as a kid watching The Poseidon Adventure (below)on a late night movie. Character actors rarely get their due and it was nice to see this talented actor get his due. I have never seen Marty, the movie he won the Oscar for, but I am on the hunt for it and other of Borgnine's movies.

When you watched the short clip package, Borgnine has worked with all the greats over the past 70 years. His story is far more interesting than any of the current crop of talentless reality personalities who seem to be on each and every magazine cover. Put him on your cover People Magazine and I might actually buy an issue again.

Favorite Clicks of the Week:

Congratulations this week to one of FH Favorites:

The work of Brenton Parry-

Friend and Blog Mate Brenton Parry from Aussielicious launched his first solo exhibition this week 'Shrouded'. The exhibit runs February 2nd – 13th and if your in the Sydney area I encourage you to check it out. For the many of us not fortunate enough to be in Australia, you can see more shots and check out more info at Brenton's site HERE: You can also read more about it at Aussielicious HERE:

'My life has been one great journey – a chaotic collection of events. But all along this journey I developed a love for photography, which centres on outer beauty and in particular portraiture photography, which centres on the often more hidden inner beauty. Shrouded has allowed me to bring both together.'
Brenton Parry