Saturday, May 22, 2010

Favorite Pic Of the Day for May 22nd

Get to know a bit more about the incredible Dominick Monteleone below.

Happy Birthday today May 22nd to:

Happy Birthday today May 22nd to:

Love actor Chris Salvatore who turns 25 today. Enjoy Vegas Chris!

I was totally addicted to this past winters Olympics and Apolo Anton Ohno was simply breathtaking to watch. Happy 28th Apolo.

Dynasty's Al Corely turns 54 today.

Remembering Harvey Milk

May 22nd, 2010
The first Official Harvey Mild Day!

On The Edge with Dominick Monteleone

Just over a year ago I did a small post on actor and model Dominick Monteleone. It was clear while researching Dominick for that post there was something special about him. Yes of course Dominick is hot, great face, amazing body and a killer grin. Looks were just the beginning however. Dominick also proved to be; talented, hilarious, intelligent and most of all driven. Below: Dominick with Aaron Jaeger and Joshua Christian on the set of David DeCoteau's The Brotherhood VI: Initiation (2009) When I posted on Dominick last March I said; 'Dominick Monteleone is an actor and model and a full time film student looking to do it all, direct, produce, write and edit' Well, just one short year later Dominick is no longer looking. Just last week Dominick completed writing, producing, directing, acting in, and edited his first feature length film, all by the age of 21! Modeling certainly was a great way to begin to get Dominick attention, but his goals always lay in the movie business. Through hard work and working with professional whose goals and values were parallel to his, Dominick has been striving to gain respect in the entertainment business. Below: Dominick with the great Martin Scorsese. Dominick certainly has gained the respect of many, myself included. My respect was cemented by the intelligence of his goal. Most would say their goal is to obtain fame or success. Dominick's goal however, is to gain respect. With his work ethic and talent, it is a given to me that fame and success with follow closely behind. Success does not necessarily lead to respect, but respect generally does lead to success. The road to respect is not an easy one. It has been fascinating to follow Dominick's journey thorough the completion of his goal. Dominick tells me 'The film definitely was a shit load of work and I'm extremely relieved that we're done shooting finally'. The amount of work is almost unimaginable with shoots lasting hours beyond what anyone should be working. Daily obstacles to overcome and a budget which did not lead to much frill. Dominick did all of his own stunts which led to more than a few injuries. I can't tell you much about the movie yet.. but it is a horror movie and Dominick put a little bit of a log line below that can be used as a teaser. "Police evidence of a multiple homicide is made public for safety purposes." Dominick has certainly been 'on the edge' the past year while completing his film. On the edge of; financial issues, exhaustion, frustration and sanity. With the film now done Dominick is still on the edge but this time, of success and respect. Below: Dominick by Brian Kaminski. Below: One of my favorite shoots. Dominick by Gabe Torres. Below: Great shot by Jesse Vendetta. Last two shots of Dominick by a photographer whose work I have showcased many times before. Thomas Watkin from Southwest Photography did some of Dominick's earliest modeling shots. Be sure to check out Dominick's video on the main page of Thomas' modelmayhem page HERE:

Update on Jacob Hoggard & Hedley

I wrote close to two years ago about my love for Canadian rockers Hedley and frontman
Jacob Hoggard. Something about Jacob is so damned sexy! You can check out that post HERE:

While I was traveling the last few days I listened to their new cd 'The Show Must Go On' over and over while driving. Although the album came out last fall I did not pick it up until a few weeks ago. Check out two of my favorite tracks here. 'Perfect' is just amazing and 'Don't Talk to Strangers' is just fun! Enjoy!


Don't Talk to Strangers:

Favorite Clicks of the Week:

Some of the favorite places I dropped by this week:

Dylan Rosser's The Male Form adds a favorite model of mine, Ville Kinos. Check out my previous post on Ville HERE:

River Viiperi in 'Tight Knit' by Jeffrey Cohen for Contributing Editor.

Although I do not watch 'General Hospital' I do watch for anything new on Scott Reeves! Thanks to the always wonderful posters at Dreamcaps his work on GH gets well documented.

Absolutely love this shoot, combining Nerd & Jock featuring model Jeffrey Alexandre by Dallas based photographer Jorge Rivas. Thanks to BeautifulMag for showcasing this shoot.