Sunday, August 31, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 31st

Favorite Birthday Boy for August 31st Patrick Nuo

If you have not heard of Patrick Nuo you should ask yourself why! This Swiss singer and model has to be one of the hottest men on the planet! Patrick turns 26 today. That face is pure perfection.

Two Other Favorites Celebrating today August 31st

Something so hot about actor Jonathan LaPaglia who turns 39 today.

Got to give mention to Richard Gere who turns 59 today. Not only did Richard shed his clothes often in movies, but he was able to lose them in great movies. Always a plus.

Also Celebrating today August 31st

Happy Birthday also today to:

Actor Ryan Kelley turns 22 today.

Swimmings Ian Crocker turns 26 today.

Actor and model Mario Valentic turns 28 today.

Something so hot about actor Chad Brannon who hits 29 today.

The beauty of Mike Erwin! Mike turns 30 today.

The talented Sara Ramirez turns 33 today.

Baseball's Gabe Kapler turns 33 today.

Chris Tucker turns 36 today.

Favorite Sports Guys of the Day: Richard Dober and Andrew Willows

Richard (Above)

Well, the Olympics are over, but I have yet to post on two other Olympic hunks who caught my eye. I saw a profile on kayaker Richard Dober which caught my eye. His darky curly hair was blowing in the wind as he floated shirtless through the water, I was smitten. In watching more I found this cutie was from Canada, and he and his equally adorable partner, Andrew Willows were in the finals. They did not medal, but certainly were spectacular to watch. Richard, from Quebec and Andrew, from Ontario have a great web site if you want to learn more, including a great blog about their trip to Beijing. You can find that site HERE:

Andrew Willows (Below)

Ahh, shirtless practice!