Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 28th

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Seasonal Sightings

Really Seth Meyers, Really...

I don't watch a lot of late night talk shows, but when I do choose to watch one, it's always Seth Myers.  I've crushed over over Meyers, and enjoyed his work since first seeing him on Saturday Night Live, and love his political commentary and interviews when I do watch his show.  Meyers obviously does his research, and doesn't just rely on notes and the info from researchers from the show.

Like many, I used to love when Seth and Amy Poehler were together on SNL, especially when they did their 'really' bit.  Amy recently joined Seth on his show for a new 'really' segment about the recent duo of Billionaires jetting into space. 

Seth as Ty Pennington on SNL

I have to say, I hadn't seen the show in awhile, the last time I remember watching was a few years ago.  After the 2016 election, Meyers skillfully and hilariously trashed Trump nightly basis, and given all the trashing Trump did of the  people, the constitution and the country, Meyers was the perfect antidote. 

I found the clips with Amy and Seth on Youtube and I must say, Meyers was looking hotter than ever.  His face has matured and his hair was on point, and I don't think ever was more attractive,

Bond, Steve Bond

Steve Bond

Although I've watched a few soaps off and on over the years, General Hospital was never one of them.  I may have seen a few episodes when I was a kid, but that's about it.  I tried once to get into it, but I wasn't really a fan of the character of Sonny and the whole mob vibe on the show.  Not watching however, doesn't mean I haven't kept up with the many hunks, both past and present, who have checked in and out of General Hospital.

One of the hottest former soap hunks was actor Steve Bond who played Jimmy Lee Holt in the mid-eighties.  I never saw Bond on the show, but I do vaguely remember him a few years later on Santa Barbara.  Recently there was some talk on-line that the show has recently introduced Jimmy Lee's long lost son.  That had me wondering if Bond might make a reappearance, until I read that Bond's character had died on the show.

It did however have me searching for some of my favorite images of the beautiful Bond.  Bond is the perfect ambassador for the soap hunk title, good looking, a great head of hair, and an intensely high level of sex appeal.  Bond is one of the few soap actors who took also took it all off for Playgirl Magazine, although it was about a decade before his time on soaps.  I featured many shots from his spared in post back in 2008. (HERE:)

When searching for more recent images of Bond, it was clear he is still incredibly sexy.  I was a bit disappointed to find a Twitter account with his name and picture with retweets bashing Dr. Faucci and mask wearing.  Although it appears to be the actor, he only has about 60 followers, so it's possible it's a fake account.  

Recent shot of Steve

Steve in Playgirl 

Check out more of Steve's Playgirl spread on FH HERE:


Architecturally Expressed: Nas by Lights On Studio (Part 2)

'Nas is just a natural. He can just stand there and be camera ready.'

'When we first starting shooting, I gave him a starting suggestion and from there he went from one pose to another with ease. I had him gradually open the jock strap a bit at a time to eventually expose himself. (HERE:) The slow strip did excite him as he did get an erection. We never discussed erections as I did not expect to go that direction. But who am I to argue? 

From the start I knew this was gong to be a productive session. He was so poised, confident and aware of his body. Just the slightest suggestion from me got him moving and posing like it was second nature. His attitude and posing were of a seasoned model although he was fairly new to this. 

I believe he only had 2 sessions previous to this one. After the jock strap portion we we into the warehouse to do some pictures by a ramp that has a row of windows that create some great lighting. The area was open to other tenants of the warehouse and it is never certain that someone might be coming up the ramp. but it didn't seem to concern Nas. In fact he got a bit excited again as he again gradually exposed himself. (No intruders). 

After the shots in the warehouse we returned to the studio and just played with props and tried several backgrounds and props. Some classic physique images, some fun beach shots, underwear with suspenders. All in all I did seven different set-ups. All in just a 3 hour time span. I try to get as many looks as possible from a model so I have lots to work with in the future. 

I felt lucky to have had the session with him and hoped he would agree to another session. He was pleasant to be around. We did not have any in depth conversation as I was having a little difficulty understanding him with his accent. But with his flawless physique I knew I wanted to have further sessions with him. 

Not only his physique but his comportment throughout the session was a joy.  Sadly, there are not currently an future plans as he has returned to Malaysia. I would drop everything if he returned and was agreeable to another session. 

He really is one of my favorite models and I would love to have more sessions with him but, alas he has returned to his mother home. I am thankful for the opportunity to have worked with him which resulted in me winning 9 Picture of the Day (POTD) on Model Mayhem.

Nas was a natural in front of the camera. Although he had only previously had a couple of sessions, he seemed like a seasoned pro model. So graceful and poised. Not to mention a perfect physique. I asked if he was a dancer and to my surprise he said no. He seemed so comfortable during the sessions and into it all that he did that he ended up sporting  a few spontaneous erections...'