Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 31st

British Diver Tom Daley

Check out today's birthday's HERE:

Favorite Click of the Day: Joe Manganiello on Superherfan.net

This weeks True Blood provided Joe Manganiello his hottest sex scene so far. One of my favorite sites to visit, Superherfan.net caught all the action!

Just Because: Tom Daley

The Olympic back stories are part of what draws you to the emotion of the game. 18 year old British Diver had a tough year with the the death of his biggest supporter, his father. Sadly he and and Pete Waterfield, his partner in last night synchronized diving event did not make the podium, but Tom will be back strong in the individual event.

Kudos to David Boudia & Nick McCrory

Kudos to American Divers David Boudia & Nick McCrory for taking the Bronze yesterday in London! Boudia and McCrory also seemed to have the loosest waist bands on their speedos so another kudos to the underwater camera person who caught so many shots of slippage!

Burn Baby Burn: Boris Kodjoe in Doing Hard Time.....Again

A couple of years ago I did a post on one of my favorite men, actor Boris Kodjoe in Doing Hard Time (2004). The thread ended up being one of FH's most clicked on post which given it featured the incredible Boris was not a surprise. When I did the first post, I had not yet seen the movie, but found it a few weeks ago and decided to post some caps of my own.