Sunday, August 10, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 10th

Favorite Birthday Boy For August 10th Davis Mallory

Man, Real World hottie Davis Mallory is so freakin adorable! I know there were some great caps from the Real World somewhere, but I can't find them today. Davis is not only cute as hell, but seems like a nice guy. Davis turns 25 today.

Also celebrating today August 10th

Also celebrating today August 10th

Dutch singer Jim Bakkum turns 21 today.

Rugby's Alexis Driollet turns 24 today.

Big Brothers Kayzar Ridha turns 28 today.

Model Ale Marchi turns 29 today.

Rugby's Remy Martin turns 29 today.

Rugby's Lawrence Dallaglio turns 36 today.

Actor Justin Theroux turns 36 today.

Below: Justin in Six Feet Under.

Actor John Simm turns 38 today.

Mark Anthony Donais aka Ryan Idol turns 42 today.

Actor Eric Thal turns 43 today. (See my previous post on Eric).

Actor Antonio Banderas turns 48 today.