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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 6th

Angel by  Bob Burkhardt
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Snack Time

Monumental Movie Moments

'Come and have a bathe.'

The line above, was uttered by Freddy Honeychurch (Rupert Graves) after just being introduced to George Emerson. (Julian Sands).  Now not everyone can offer a quick 'how do you do.', then ask the hot man they just met for a bathe but in 1985's A Room With A View, it made the perfect middle act, and a nice contrast, to the rest of the film.

As many of you remember, George, Freddy and Mr. Beebe (Simon Collow) then headed into the woods, and then into the pond, for a relaxing afternoon skinny dip and bathe.   There are thousands of scenes of male skin on screen, and I've featured quite a few of them, but there are a few that for various reasons, really stand out.  The bathing scene in A Room With A View was certainly one of them.

I was only a kid when the film was released, but remember hearing about the 'nude' scene when I was a bit older.  I remember renting a copy on VHS and watching the scene over and over and over again.  The scene was so beautifully shot and the images both wonderfully tranquil, and incredibly hot. There was an innocence and something so natural about the three men taking a bathe together.  This scene was also one of the first nude scenes that I remember that featured full frontal nudity, and that made it even more powerful. 

I rewound and used my pause button like never before.  Even on a rather blurry VHS copy, the scene made quite an impact.  It's funny how you're drawn to different things as you age. When I was  first watching as a kid, my focus was on Rupert Graves.  That  body, those bangs!  When I got a little older, I was drawn equally to Julian.  Julian certainly had the clearest exposure. When I re-watched the scene this past week for this post, I think for the first time, I had the hots for poor Mr. Beebe.   If you haven't seen the scene, or haven't seen it in awhile, check out my caps and clips on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Brand Spanking Neu

If you check out FH on a regular basis, you know I usually resist the 'new'.  There are plenty of blogs and sites whose focus is featuring the latest shoots and the hot new face.  Although I usually don't jump on bandwagons, some are just too tempting to pass up...

Over the past few months, the net has been a buzz with model Pietro Boselli and his sizzling new work with photographer Giampaolo Sgura and artist Franco Gobbi for Yummy Magazine.  Now that he no longer teaches, Pietro seems to be pushing his erotic boundaries more and more in his work in front of the camera.

While I was enjoying Pietro's new work, when I was previewing Issue 2 of Yummy, my attention was drawn to another model, a new model I hadn't seen before.  I absolutely love photographer HardCiderNY's work with model AJ Neu.  I've always enjoyed HardCiderNY's work, but his work with AJ has certainly become af favorite.  Given the images previewed on Instagram, I of course had to order the issue!  AJ has a beautiful face and a smokin hot body!  I think the fact that he's a husband, and a father of two, makes him even hotter.

AJ Neu on Instagram

HardCiderNY on Instagram

The Halo Effect: Angel by Bob Burkhardt

'I Have a Head for Business and a Bod for Sin.  Is there anything wrong with that?'
Working Girl, 1988

In life, contractions can be confusing.  I think this confusion is one of the reasons we still sadly rely too much on stereotypes.  We pigeonhole people based on almost everything; race, gender, body size,  and income.  We also often do it with one's profession.  We know the difference, it's just sometimes more comforting, and frankly easier, to trust in those characterizations we were taught as kids.

You know the labels I mean.  Almost every children's book with depicting a police officer (usually as a he) was written as someone safe you could trust.  We've all learned however, that their are rioters with more compassion than some police officers, troubled children with more morality than some priests, and porn stars with more virtue than some (one) President.  

Porn stars are often assumed to be morally challenged.  There are plenty of 'stories' of what happens on porn sets, and I'm sure some of them are true.  Another truth however, is that porn stars are also husbands and wives, friends, sons and daughters and mothers and fathers.  Just because you happen to have a bod for sin doesn't mean you can't also be an Angel...

Although contradictions may be complicated in life, when it comes to art, they are often visually compelling.  I love featuring shoots in which a models job, name or even face contradict with their bodies and appearance in front of the camera.   I love seeing images of bulked up body builders with child like innocent faces.  I love seeing a tough, tattooed body attached to a sweet smiling face.

Model and porn actor Angel certainly has a sweet face, especially when he grins. When Angel smiles he looks like a little kid about to big piece of cake.  Despite his beautiful eyes and angelic face, glance a little lower and you know he doesn't let his wings and halo hold him back.

Angel was one the first model that photographer Bob Burkhardt for the porn studio he had been contracted with.  Angel flew in from New York with his scene partner Red and were dropped off at Bob's Atlanta studio.  Bob was told he had just two hours, and was told to shoot them in various stages of dress and...arousal.  Bob sent on images of Angel and Red separately, as well as both of them together.  I put a few of the images from the couple portion of the shoot on THE OVER-FLOW HERE:

'They were both professional and knew what to do. Angel was was sweet and soft-spoken. Red was more experienced and their chemistry was obvious. Red had a talent for helicopterring his dick. For me, the studio shoots I did were not my most creative as they requested a stark white backdrop. These, however, led to my shooting models in more creative settings using natural light.'