Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 28th

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Happy Birthday today June 28th

Happy 53rd to actor Steve Burton!

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I never really watched Burton on General Hospital, and I know there were stories that he became a little...let's say 'problematic', I did however crush over him in 90's, mostly due to his shirtless shots in teen magazines.

Seasonal Sightings:

FaVorite FiVe: Royal G.

'The bravest thing I ever did was quit my 9-to-5 to pursue my dreams.'

I think we all dream of ditching our day job and pursing our passions.  Given my love of art, photography and the male form, I still dream, and actively plan, on leaving my day job and picking up the camera again.  My passion for photography began when I was young, and it's really waned no matter what other job I was doing.

Royal G's (Daniel Royal Georges) passion for fitness also began when he was young.  It was in high school that he really devolved an interest in the fitness industry.  This led him to become both a full time personal trainer and a model.

Marco Polo: Let Them Eat Cake!

 'Love at first bite!'

I'm not really sure who started following who first.  I do know, I've been enjoying the visual views of model Marco Polo for some time now.  I'm thinking it was me who most likely pressed 'follow' first as I'd seen Marco's work with some of my favorite photographers.  Marco has worked with several photographers that I've loved featuring on FH including Jack Saul, Andrew Bowman and Creative Portraitures. 

When I first contacted Marco about a piece on the site, I was going to ask him about featuring his work with one of these artists.  The London based Marco had so many great shots in his portfolio, that I ended up asking him if it was ok to choose some of my favorite shots.  Marco graciously agreed.  

When I started choosing images, I started a folder with  a selection of great butt shots as well as some of my favorite frontal images from Marco's Twitter.   The body positive naturist isn't shy about sharing his images on-line.  In addition to his professionally shot modeling images, I really love the creativity and story telling Marco weaves within his self-shots.

It was a series of self-shots on Marco's Instagram that I kept coming back to when trying to narrow down images for this piece.  Marco posted the images earlier this month and I couldn't get enough of the series of images of Marco in his 'Eat This Cake' string bikini bottoms.

Marco's beautiful butt looked incredible both in, and out of barely there bottoms.  Marco's sweet dessert also looks especially appetizing wet and pink and the blue colors just screamed summer and are a great way to slide into the start of pool season. 

Most of the images above were found on Marco's Instagram, but I had to ask Marco if he had any more.  He certainly did, and Marco sent on a few more to add in that I'm sure, that if posted on Instagram, would have given those pesky social media censors a case of the vapors. 

I still have that folder of favorites, and am sure I'll do a 'favorite' piece sooner than later.  For now however, it was just a nice piece of cake that I wanted a little nibble of.