Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 20th

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Happy Birthday today January 20th

Happy 51st to actor Skeet Ulrich!

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Touch (1997)

djunderground123: Archie Gets Pantsed!

With Riverdale returning this week, I thought it was a good time to share this artwork series from artist and illustrator DJ (djunderground123)  Many of us have fantasied about an Archie and Kevin hook-up, especially when watching those wrestling scenes that DJ used as inspiration for this set of images.. 

You can buy the full uncensored series of 9 images for a low price by checking out DJ;s work on Gumroad HERE:  As Archie flexes and soaks up the adoration from the audience, thanks to Kevin, you'll also see that Archie lose more and more of his dignity amongst the cheering crowds and fellow wrestlers!

Prime Time Supporters: Raymond Lee

Actor Raymond Lee has been working professionally for over a decade now, but I first noticed him watching the first season of Prodigal Son.  In a short story arc, Lee played Jin, the often shirtless boyfriend of Malcom's sister Ainsley. Although only in three episodes, Lee made an impact, and it's too bad the show didn't keep him around a little longer. 

Prodigal Son (2019)

Although Lee's been featured in many films and television shows, many might remember his turn on the one and only season of the Tim Robbins led series Here and Now.  Lee's also getting great notice for his role in the short Raspberry, and will undoubtedly be seen by a much larger audience with is role in the upcoming sequel Tom Gun: Maverick

Here And Now (2018)

'You Want This?'

Sparked: Malyk by PR PHOTO

'While the nude shots aren't erotic. they're still filled with sensuality.  Something that Malyk conveys so well.'

Although he didn't quite have enough pieces to make A Baker's Dozen, FH readers are well aware of the smoky sensuality of Michigan based model Malyk.  I was first introduced to Malyk's work through his work with PR PHOTO and began featuring their creative collaborations back in 2018. (HERE:) Since then, I been fortunate to have featured more of Malyk's work with both PR PHOTO as well as his work with Tom from Lights On Studio.

After a series of shoots in 2018 and 2019, Malyk took a bit of a break from modeling, in part due to the pandemic.  After not working together for a few months, PR PHOTO connected again with Malyk and they found some time to get together for a new photo shoot.  Since PR's studio was closed due to the shut down and Covid restrictions, they decided to shoot at PR's home studio.

Although PR describes his studio as basically 'just a blank wall', there are a couple of big windows which depending on the weather, and time of day, can provide some brilliant light.  Although they hadn't necessarily planned on a nude shoot, on the day of their shoot, Malyk was feeling good about his body, and the light was so perfect, they decided to go for it.

'Malyk also wanted to smoke a joint during the shoot to add an air of mystery and to profess his (and my) pro-weed beliefs. So we sparked one and got to work. (Weed is legal in Michigan.)'

'The shoot went spectacularly and Malyk produced some of his finest photos to date. While the nude shots aren't erotic they still filled with sensuality something that Malyk conveys so well. It may be a few months until our next shoot but I know the wait will be well worth it.'

If you haven't been to PR's site or checked it out in awhile, head on over there now.  PR's website and galleries, usually only available with a subscription, are currently free for those wising to enjoy more of his work.  Check it out HERE: