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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 13th

Alin by Frank Joseph

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Over the Manning Moon

 Actor Mike Manning thanked his fans for all the Birthday wishes on his April 12th birthday by posting a shot in his birthday suit!

Shower Strip

'So you saw Randall strip on the livestream 😳, but did you ever see the stage magic he made at Kate's bachelorette party in Vegas??...'😂🤯
Sterling K Brown

As much as I hate missing things, I also love discovering hot scenes of male skin that I've overlooked.  I started watching the series This Is Us when it first premiered.  Like so many, I'd heard the buzz, and got hooked instantly after seeing the impressive pilot.  For some reason however, half-way through the first season, I lost interest.  I loved the actors, especially Milo Ventimiglia and Sterling K Brown, but something about the story direction didn't keep me watching.

I wasn't watching then, when Kate got married, and the scenes involving her shower before the wedding.  I wish I had been though, then I might not have missed this behind the scenes video of Brown being undressed by some of the hot male extra's during the filming.  

I only just noticed that Brown posted the video on his Twitter. (HERE:)  There's something incredibly hot about seeing Brown being assisted with removing his shirt on stage.  He looks amazing, as good or better than all of the extra's, who I'm assuming were dancers or strippers int he shower scene. 

Dave Foley in Postal

I was a little to watch Kids In The Hall when it originally aired, but one of my older brother's used to love it.  I remember he ordered some of the shows on VSH from Columbia House and used to watch them with his friends.  He was pretty homophobic when he was younger.  He used the word 'fag' liberally, often directed towards me.  It struck me that he enjoyed a show with the openly gay Scott Thompson in the cast.

For some reason that stuck with me, and taught me the power of humor.  When you make others laugh, they don't focus so much on other pieces of your personality.  I wasn't naturally funny, but when I was growing up, I actively worked to make others laugh to deflect them looking too closely at other parts of my life.

Fargo (2023)

When I got a little bit older, I snuck in my brothers room and borrowed those videos.  I wasn't allowed to touch his things, so had to do it when he was out.  I didn't really 'get' all of the humor in the show, but I grew to appreciate the talented cast and the boundaries they pushed.  A few years ago, after finally discovering the brilliance of the sit-com Superstore, I did a post on the male cast members. 

I ended up of course, looking for nude scenes from the cast.  I ended up finding a butt scene from actor Mark McKinney, (HERE:) from his time on Kids In The Hall.   I then ended up looking for more, and found there was one other featuring actor Bruce McCulloch. (HERE:)


I didn't find any featuring actor Dave Foley, not until recently when he and Kevin McDonald appeared nude in a sketch from the re-boot.  I was a little shocked as I never thought I'd see cute Dave Foley fully nude, and had no idea he had previously done several nude scenes in movies. 

Kids In The Hall (2022)

Foley had a butt scene in 2001's Monkeybone, and full frontals in 2007's Postal and 2008's Cooper's Christmas.  Foley actually shows quite a bit iN Cooper's Christmas, but the scenes are not that clear as they all occur on video as a video camera is a big part of the films plot. I decided to feature his nude scene from Postal which is much clearer and easier to cap.

Postal (2007)

'In the ironically named city of Paradise, a loser teams up with his cult-leading uncle to steal a peculiar bounty of riches from their local amusement park. The recently arrived Taliban have a similar focus, but a far more sinister intent.'

January 1996: Natural Born Thriller

 'Peerless Jamie Vanek can send chills up your spine--and other places...'

Jamie Vanek 
Playgirl Discovery
January, 1996
Photography by
Maxine Elliot Marten

Imagine pulling into a gas station and beholding this 6'2" hunk of a man as he approaches.  When he's reached your car, he leans over (so close his musky, masculine scent makes your spine tingle) to ask what he can do for you.  You might get so excited thinking about what you'd really like to tell him to do--and how to do it- that you might forget why you actually went there in the first place.

We were lucky enough to happen upon gorgeous Jamie Vanek while he was working as a part-time pump jockey in an Iowa farming town.  It didn't take long to notice his superb  physique and thick brown hair, but the second he got close enough for us to get a gander at his striking blue eyes, we were hooked.

Jamie's real job is as a farmhand.  His duties run the gamut-from operating complicated field machinery to feeding the animals.  When we asked Jamie if goes to the gym or runs to keep in shape, he gave us a low, seductive chuckle and said, 'Darling, this job is so physically demanding that I don't need to.  I didn't get this body by joining some fancy gym.  It's all from just plain hard work.

'We just might stroll out to one of the local fields and take one of those rolls in the hay that we country guys are so familiar with.  It can get kinda dirty and sweaty, but if the sex is good enough, it's no big deal getting cleaned up later on....come to think of it, that can be fun too!'