Saturday, November 16, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 17th

Josh & Josh by Hans Fahrmeyer
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Who Dat?

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True North

Anna : Kristopher!
Kristoff : It's Kristoff!

All those commercials for Frozen II are reigniting my cartoon crush on Kristoff....

Kristoff by Tara Jacoby

Instagrams that Inspire: Neels Visser

Images so often trigger memories, and that's exactly what happened the first time I saw an image of model Neels Visser.  My family didn't have a lot when I was growing up, enough, but nothing extra.  We did however live in a coastal city, one that sprung to life in the summer.  Summer always had 'summer folk', people who came to spend their money enjoying what the ocean had to offer.

There were several yacht clubs near my home, several near where i lived.  One I visited ever so often was smaller, not especially posh.  It had a small pool and games room that were open to the public.  The other, was much more exclusive. We drove by it almost every single day.  I used to love looking at the boats, and seeing all the people going in and out to use the swimming pool and tennis courts.  I especially loved driving by at Christmas.  Not only was the club lit up in Christmas lights, so were many of the boats.

When I was about 15, I finally got to go inside.  I was interviewing a member about the clubs history and connection to the community.  I think I always envisioned that all the rich yacht owner had hot sons that looked like Neels Visser.  I learned on that day, few of them actually did.  Except one...

His name was Stephen, not Steven with a 'v' but Stephen with the 'ph'.  I know this, as it was the first thing he told me when I was introduced to him. Stephen was asked to show me around, and I after clarifying the 'ph', he ended up being incredibly nice, and really funny.  Stephen even invited me back to swim 'sometime', but sadly that never ended up happening.

Stephen looked almost exactly like Neels Visser, especially in the shots with longer hair.  Stephen was tall, incredibly thin, with distinctive facial features that I couldn't stop staring at.  I think he noticed to, but what I liked so much about him was that he didn't seem to care. 

I'm sure he was straight, but a few people I know told stories about him skinning dipping late night at the club, often with some of his gay friends.  This sounds so normal now, I have a ton of straight male friends. Looking back though, it struck me at the time, as it wasn't as common.  Thanks Neels for the memory.

Sunday's With Hans: Joshua by Hans Fahrmeyer

I've written before, that artist Hans Fahrmeyer was one of the first photographers I was introduced to when I first go on-line.  I was captivated with Han's images on Vista Video and his work with Phil Fusco, Nick Ayler and Marcel. Han's images were not only some of the first that I saw, they were some of the first that I right clicked, saved, and kept in a yellow folder on my desk top.

Han's imagery is a visual feast of artistic erotica.  Colorful, dramatic and intensely sensual.  In addition to the models I listed above, Hans' images of Joshua also filled up a fair share of space in that yellow folder.  I think the first images of Joshua I remember were the water shots, Han's captures of a naked Joshua being splashed by a bucket of water.  That shoot remained a favorite and the images below remained as my screensaver for quite awhile...

I love Joshua's look, and not only his incredible physique. Joshua has a great face and eyes that powerfully connect with both the camera, and the viewer.  Many models can express their sensuality in front of the camera, but with Joshua, it seems so natural.  He really seems to enjoy being in the spotlight and the connections he skillfully creates through his work.

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 16th

Josh & Josh by Hans Fahrmeyer

Happy Birthday today November 16th

Happy 24th to actor Noah Gray-Cabey!

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Apa Got Back

And from a recent Instagram story, not a bad front either...

Not sure if the skin colored undies are for a nude scene, or just lounging around the house...

Photographic Porn Stars: Aamon

When it comes to the male form, I prefer images over video.  Although I haven't seen a lot porn stars in action, I do love when great images are created to promote them.  One of the places I like to check out to see who's who, and what's new when it comes to videos is Queerclick.  The site offers a preview and reviews of what's hot and up and coming.

A couple of weeks ago I was stopped in my tracks by some shots of Aamon.  The site was promoting Aamon's new videos for Straight Off Base.  I loved Aamon's look, and the images they featured.  Given I've featured the work of the photographer who shot Aamon before, I sent him an e-mail about featuring some of my favorites.

Major Wood has been capturing photos and videos of Military men, in and out of uniform, for years, and I've featured a few of my favorites on FH.  The Straight off Base Just for Fans site has two free galleries with over a hundred images of Aamon for anyone who appreciates his model good looks as much as I do.  As you most likely already guessed, my choices to post here are some of the tamest in the sets...

Favorite Face of the Day: Andrew Levitas

Don't ask me how, but I'd forgotten how sexy artist and actor Andrew Levitas truly is.  I'd seen Andrew back in the horror film Hellbent back in 2004, and featured the young actor briefly in a birthday post in 2010.   Hellbent is notable as one of the fist gay themed horror films to briefly hit the mainstream, but much of the attention at the time went to actor Dylan Fergus who played the lead in the film.

I was recently reminded of Andrew late one night when catching a repeat of The Nanny as I tried to get to sleep.  I forgotten how hilarious The Nanny could be at times, especially when the incredible RenĂ©e Taylor was in a scene.  I watched the show when I was younger, but don't think I made it the shows final couple of seasons.

Andrew Levitas showed up as Maggie's boyfriends in the show's final season.  Although he only appeared in four episodes, I believe the show wisely had him shirtless in three of them.  The writers made it easy on themselves by making his character Michael an underwear model, making shirtless scenes almost a requirement.

Levitas worked steadily after his stint on The Nanny with roles in films like Hellbent, Psycho Beach Party and Beauty Shop and on television on shows including' Party of Five, Boy Meets World, and Entourage.  Although he continued to act until 2011, Levitas main passion was always his art and his painting, sculptures and artwork has been seen in many exhibitions, galleries and museums.

Psycho Beach Party (2000)

I have to thank The Nanny for reminding me of Andrew, and for encouraging me to check out Hellbent again.  I didn't really remember any nudity, but discovered there was indeed a brief mooning scene, the actors only onscreen nudity that I know of.

Bad Actress (2011)

The Nanny (1998)

Hellbent (2004)

Andrew (third from left)