Saturday, May 17, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 17th

Favorite Birthday Boy for May 17th Cameron Bancroft

Canadian actor Cameron Bancroft is my fav guy blowing out candles today. Cameron has been acting for awhile, starting as a child actor in Canada. He is best known the past few years for his tv roles on 24 and Beverly Hills 90210, but before that he had a pretty decent movie and tv resume working on some great projects. Cameron turns 41 today.

Below: Cameron in Love And The Human Remains

Also celebrating today: May 17th

Happy Birthday today to:

American Idol's R.J Helton turns 26 today.

To me, the hottest Hero, Sendhil Rammurthy turns 34 today.

'Singer' Jordan Knight turns 38 today.

My favorite guy from Sex and The City, cutie David Eigenberg turns 44 today.

Last two pics from the stage play 'Take Me Out'

One of our best actress's who really needs to work more, Debra Winger turns 53 today.

Bill Paxton also turns 53 today.

Favorite Male Model for May 17th Max Rogers

After seeing Max Rogers on the cover of GQ Style I had to search for more. Loved his look and especially that amazing curly hair! There is not much out there. Here is his card from Storm Models, but I shall keep looking!