Monday, October 3, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 4th

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Welcome October!

October is one of my favorite months, and one of the only months I welcome yearly on FH.  Even with it being the peak of Hurricane season, and with climate change, October still provides the colorful splendor unmatched by any of the other months of the year.  October is also the beginning of the spooky season!

To help celebrate October, here is one of my favorite models, showing off some hot October looks.  These shots of Michael Moody are from the last few years of The Duelists calendar.  The 2023 edition is now ready to order, leaving plenty of time for it to arrive just in time for Christmas.  Check how to get your own on The Duelists Facebook Page HERE:

KJ Apa for Lacoste

I haven't watched any Riverdale this season, but I have still kept an eye on KJ Apa.  If you haven't checked out his new video ad for Lacoste, check it out on their Instagram Page HERE:

Lacoste on Instagram

Kudos to Astin & Teller

I had a sort of reunion with actors Miles Teller and Skylar Astin on Sunday night. It wasn't planned, but it turned out all right.  I didn't watch the season premiere of Saturday Night Live on Saturday night, instead, I DVR'd and watched early Sunday night.  I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it.

Actor Miles Teller looked really hot, and was really good in most of the sketches he appeared in.  A highlight was his spot-on Eli Manning in the shows cold open.  Teller looked so much like Manning that I wasn't sure for a second it was him.  She show lost a little steam mid-way through, but given how sub-par it's been of late, the season premiere was  promising. 

After my SNL viewing, I finally watched the concert reunion of Spring Awakening.  I saw some of it earlier this year when it was first released, and enjoyed the cast performance on this year's Tony Awards.  I had it on my DVR and decided I should really watch it before I deleted it.

 I'm really glad I did, as I really enjoyed it and remembered why I loved so much of the score.  I was always so focused in the past on Jonathan Groff that I sometimes ignored the rest of the cast.  I really gained an appreciation for the ensemble with this airing, especially the incredibly talented Skylar Astin.  I might just have to check out his new fall show...

21 And Over

When I turned off my television, I remembered that Teller and Astin had co-starred together in the 2013 comedy, 21 And Over.  The movie was rather forgettable, but the extended hazing scene, with both actors wearing only gym socks covering their junk, was certainly memorable, and worth checking a second look at. 

More Mustafa by Bob Burkhardt more

When photographer Bob Burkhardt sent on a link to his work with Mustafa, there were close to 200 incredible images to choose from.  I loved the bathrobe series, but there were many other favorites that I wanted to share.  I always love the shots Bob takes in front that familiar window and Bob made great use of the space to spotlight Mustafa's incredible physique.

What body part gets you the most attention?. 
Most people commend me on my Arms, shoulders and Back, My Butt is a closer to that, as well lol. 

What is your favorite part about modeling.?
I love to model because I can show off what i worked hard for, my body, as well as adds a boost of confidence if people like it.

How did you first connect with Bob? 
Bob and I have been following each other for a while on Instagram before he approached me to model for him

What is Bob like to work with?
Bob's a gentle guy and very warm, I'd definitely would like to work with him again and on even more creative projects.  

What was your favorite part of this shoot with Bob? 
The best thing about shooting with Bob was helping him get out of his rut.  Bob shared that I was the first to shoot since he hurt his back. I'm glad I sparked his interest again and he chose me as his Muse.