Thursday, November 4, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 5th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Under The Overalls:

'Students took off their gear at various sites across Camden in Sydney's south-western outskirts, which included the university's farms, a dairy farm owned by the Biffins and a private animal-devoted residence.'

Thanks to MichaelAndrews73a, and his incredible Reddit site, (HERE:) I've been able to enjoy various naked calendars from across the globe.  Many calendars are local, and most are dumped in the recycle bin once the year has come to an end. Without MichaelAndrews73a's work scanning and sharing, most of these images would never be seen.

One of my favorite charity calendars come from the vet students attending the University Of Sydney.  For the last 11 years, they produced a naked calendar benefiting different charities each year.  If you head on over to the NEXT PAGE you'll see some highlights from the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions. 


Step right up see the main attraction 
Form a line she's a sight to see 
Come up close and watch the action 
First in line stands right behind me

Although the shots of a naked Pat Boone were taken back in the 50's, they were never actually published in LIFE magazine.  Tamer ones appeared in the magazine, and although these were taken, they were never actually published and added, then discovered in the Time LIFE vault.  Every few years, they seem to surface and make a temporary splash on-line.

The images did just that last year, and I thought about a post.  I then began to see them pop-up everywhere.  That, along with a bit of research on Mr. Boone, had me deciding not to bother. Reading about his anti-gay views was enough to ditch the piece.  

The main reason not to bother however, was more about connection. I usually post about and actor or performer that I've seen, heard, or enjoyed.  Although I may have as a kid, I didn't really have any memory of ever seeing Boone on TV of film or even hearing him sing.  Then... about a month ago... I finally did.  Check out more on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Hitting His Groove: Kent Clark by takeapic4u

'Kent is a free spirit, fearless and super easy to work with'

Some FH viewers might recognize the hot cowboy stripping off his plaid shirt and jeans in the two shots above. I first featured the captivating cowpoke, model Kent Clark,  back in 2016 in a piece entitled,  Deconstructing The Cowboy, a series by photographer Dave Larson (takeapic4u)

It was my first piece featuring Dave's work, and his work with Kent was one of the reasons I reached out to him about a feature on the site.  In addition to the cowboy theme, that first shoot also featured Kent completely naked and covered in mud for Dave's Dirty Nature series.  After such a successful first creative collaboration, both Dave and Kent knew they wanted to work together again. 

It took a little while, but model and photographer recently got back together together again. Given Kent was the first model and shoot of Dave's that I featured, I was excited to featured their latest shoot together.  This time, Kent donned the black wings that Dave uses with many of the models he shoots outside for his Wild Angels series.  Since it's been over five years since I first featured Dave's work with Kent, I wanted to catch up with the model and performer and find out what he's been up to since he last appeared on the site. 

What was the biggest difference between shooting with Dave then and now?  

The biggest difference was that I'm so much more comfortable in my own skin. It was so much faster and easier to get the shots.

In the last shoot you were rolling naked in the mud and playing a cowboy, was this shoot as much fun?

OH definitely! I enjoy trying different things and exploring different looks.

What are some of the major changes in your life between then and now?                                           

Well, the biggest change is that I got out of the military in 2018. I went from working in the military to now being a regular performer at a local drag and burlesque show.  

How do you prepare for a show?

I try to get in a mindset and just hit a groove. I also want to be able to do certain things when performing.

What led you to the world of stripping?

I had friends who performed at drag shows and it looked like fun. I decided to try my hand at performing and that's the form it took.

Did Covid impact your work much?

For the most part, it didn't really. It was mostly just changing certain things that we did at shows.

You're also a cosplayer, what characters did you inhabit this Halloween?                                           

I was The Crow

Do you use cosplay on stage when you strip?

It depends on the show and what song I'm doing but I have from time to time

Tell me about the wings, were those shots difficult to create?

The shots with the wings were surprisingly easy to get, they sort of just happened.

What is your favorite part of working with Dave? 

I'd say my favorite party of working with Dave was the variety. The different themes and the many areas that we shot in. 

What are you up to next?

I recently completed a supporting role in a LGBT+ short film entitled The Queen of Pandora's Box.