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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 19th

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Precious Cargo: Yorgen by Mike Tossy

I've featured hundreds of shoots spotlighting the male form over the years of working on FH. Still, I'm not sure I've seen a more visually pleasing concept, and a more erotically accomplished materialization, than a naked and wet Yorgen soaping up, and rising down, the Ford F-250.  

There is line of thought about there is a strong connection between a man's sexual virility, and their vehicles.   I'm not sure if photographer Mike Tossy had this mind, but given the size and power of the heavy-duty truck, not to mention it's ability to handle heavy loads, we can only fantasize about Yorgen shifting into gear and blasting off at full speed.

Of course this shoot didn't require any actual driving, but that didn't mean it wasn't a thrilling ride.  Yorgen's wet skin looks especially captivating against the hard metal of the truck, especially his beautiful curves contrasting with the solid lines and stationary position of the truck.  Its also impossible believe that Yorgen wasn't aware of the power of his posterior given some of the spectacular poses that Mike captured.  I especially love the last photo in this series of Yorgen's precious assets l lying in the truck's cargo bed.  I'd never seen that shot before and it's become a favorite from the series.. 

Did you see images of Yorgen prior to shooting? If so, what struck you most about his appearance?
I had seen a few. I was taken with his boyish good looks

Do you usually see nudes prior to scheduling or shoot or just roll the dice? 
I see only what the model sends, but Yorgen was completely comfortable with being nude during the shoot.

Tell me how much of the shoot was planned?  
I pre-plan very little. 

Was the car wash pre-planed or impromptu?
I borrowed the truck The rest unstructured 

Did he have anything he especially wanted to capture or did he leave it up to you? 
Yorgen was open and easy to work with I don’t think he had requests 

What was Yorgen like to work with? Was he talkative? 
If I remember correctly he liked to talk about growing up in Alaska 

Did he require much direction, or just go to it? 
Yorgen is a self starter 

Hot Suits!

I wish I could get my hands on the many outtakes that didn't make those 'hot suit' issues from US Magazine from the early 80's.  So many hot hunks from the time stripped down to their speedos and shorts for the magazine's annual swimsuit issue.  I remember finding the issue with Jon-Erik Hexum, (HERE:) at a flea market and devouring the images.  Later, I bought a few of the old issues on E-bay.

Many of the hottest shots however, didn't end up in the issue, but some of the outtakes not used have thankfully ended up on-line.  Ted McGinley, paired with Happy Days co-star Crystal Bernard, appeared in the January 1983 issue.

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Ted McGinley: Actors & SKIN

I don't think I've ever done an Actors & SKIN piece before that didn't include at least a little bit of nudity.  But.. since the category is skin, not nudity, I thought Ted's body of work deserved a little attention.   

After some encouragement from his high school girlfriend, the actor decided to give modeling a go.  He moved to New York and quickly began getting regular work.  It was after a casting agent saw him GQ, that McGinley was approached about taking on the role of Roger Phillips on Happy Days.

Ted started his shirtless streak early in High School.  The shot above is Ted in the late 1970's with his teammates on the Polo team at Newport Harbor High School in Orange County.

The shirtless streak continues, sitting with Michael Spound (Hotel) during a break from shooting Battle of the Network Stars.

McGinley's handsome face and great body made him visually appealing, enabling to slide into established shows without ruffling many feathers.  It's no surprise that all of those shows managed to get him out of his shirt as fo

Happy Days

The Love Boat


Married With Children

I read on-line that some claim they saw the actors balls in this Married With Children scene, but despite my giving the scene quite a bit of attention, I sadly, could not.  It's obvious though, the actor wasn't wearing much when he shot this scene.

Like the undies he's wearing, McGinley's time was brief in 1989's Physical Evidence.  He did however, make the most of his brief appearance as Theresa Russell's boyfriend in the Burt Reynolds crime drama.

Physical Evidence (1989)