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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 17th

Charlie by JW Johnson
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Back Issues: All American Man

All American Man
August 1989

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Favorite Face of the Day: Mark Grossman

Most of us have gone through a phase when only a bad boy could get our attention. Nice guys were usually close by, but we barely noticed, we were too busy hoping the inconsiderate one might grace us with a phone call, a text, or just a little attention.

Adam Newman has to be one of daytime's most iconic bad boys and from the few scenes that I've seen,  model and actor Mark Grossman is just beginning to hit his stride.  Grossman's taking me back, back to a time when I was preoccupied, make that obsessed, with a certain bad boy.  That face, those cheekbones, and that sexy devilish smirk are an irresistible combination. 

The Fearless Flirt: Charlie by JW Johnson

'Charlie was one of those sweet guys, real, easy going and mature for his age,. He was friendly all the time, both in front of the camera and off camera too. He loved to flirt... with everyone!'

A skilled model knows how to flirt with the camera.  To use their eyes, their poses and body to provoke and tantalize the viewer on the other side of the lens.  With Charlie, photographer JW Johnson says that flirting was his natural way of interacting, with the camera, the photographer, and every one around him.  It wasn't put on, it was who he was and as JW's images demonstrate, it was usually quite effective.

'During our second shoot, we also shot some calendar shots in the fire gear.  Fire gear with fire light, this is where Charlie's innocent look, his incredible eyes and beautifully toned build really shine!'

Charlie first contacted JW on-line a few years ago about doing some nude modeling work.  Charlie was in college and was looking to earn some extra cash to help offset his college expenses. He told JW that said enjoyed showing off, and JW says that Charlie's confidence and enjoyment of showing off his body immediately showed up in the images, and although he was new to modeling, was naturally skilled with poses and interacting with the camera.

'We started in my studio barn and then drove to my friend`s farm about 30 minutes away. I'm pretty sure my friend enjoyed watching the shoot as he seemed to have 'something he needed to do' at each of the locations we were shooting in.'

A year or so later, the Illinois based model was back in St. Louis near where JW lives and works.  He was on a break from college and out of state for some theatrical worked and wanted some new modeling shots to update his portfolio.  He came to JW's studio and shot with JW and his photographer friend Brad.  JW says they shot for hours, and both he and Brad were on the receiving end of Charlie's art for flirt, which hadn't lost any of it's impact.

'All of my photographer friends that worked with him, are 35 years and older, Charlie flirted with everyone....they were never sure if he was sincere tho, cause he was a theatrical major... He always seemed to come across as sincere to me and I can read people pretty good much of the time. :)  Either way, Charlie was the kind of model that you would go out and come up with new ideas just to have another chance of working with him again. he had that kind of effect on you. :)'

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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 16th

Charlie by JW Johnson

Happy Birthday today June 16th

Happy 46th to actor Eddie Cibrian!

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Making Hay: Charlie by JW Johnson

'What happens in the barn...stays in the barn.'

Back Issues: All American Man, August 1989


All American Man
August 1989

I've only seen this one issue of All American Man, but as you can see, the magazine had a type...  Although not incredibly diverse, it's not without it's own specific appeal.  Don't worry, I plan to do some research, and will ensure FH readers are kept up on any future discoveries.

Brian Koehen

Lou Cass

Mike Avala

Timmy Loss

Cover Boy: Steve Hammond