Sunday, September 14, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 15th

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Happy Birthday today September 15th

A Happy 30th to Harry!

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A Vintage Vantage: Eight's Not Enough

I was going to title this post 'Teen Idol Orgy' but then thought better of it given there is a brother and sister pair in the photo. I came across this pic, which I assume is from the early to mid eighties while searching for images for my piece last week on The Pirate Movie. I recognize most of the actors, although not sure who the actor is at top leaning on Matthew Labyorteaux. Nancy Mckeon is the lucky lady surrounded by this bevy of Tiger Beat pin-up cuties all of whom today are in their late 40's, 50's and early 60's.

Have A Seat: Chris Topel by LightWeaver

Last Autumn, photographer Jay Rickard (Lightweaver) introduced readers of FH to the incredible Chris Topel. One of the things I love so much about Jay's work is that he doesn't just photograph models, he creates characters and scenario's which highlight both their look and features, as well aspects of their personality, sometimes ones which they have never explored before. I featured Jay's images with Chris in two features, Baby Oil & Beefcake and The Man Who Walked. The two posts featured two different locations and two distinct themes.

It is always great to discover a model with distinct features and look in front of the lens. I was fascinated with the beauty of Chris's skin, his freckles and the beauty and contrast with the white behind them. In addition, Chris has a great physique with an impressive, and impossible not to notice butt. Chris's story made him even that much more interesting, and Jay blended all his best features together within his images.

Jay hadn't worked with Chris in awhile, but after the purchase of specific prop, felt Chris would be the best model to help him bring a new character to light. That shoot, I think I am going to save for posting next week as I want to begin with this part of the shoot that I equally taken with. A simple black backdrop and a wooden bar stool. Chris looks as great as ever, with his face and eyes reflecting his growth over the past year, I also love the new goatee which adds a new edge to his look and images. Jay magnificently captures Chris's body and physique, especially with the stunning silhouette images. The bar stool acts as a perfect stage to highlight one of Chris's most alluring body parts.

I am happy to feature Jay's work with Chris for many reason, first and foremost, I have been featuring his imagery for close to 5 years and he is always supportive and enthusiastic about sharing both images, and story from his shoots. Secondly, as 2014 winds down, there may be less opportunities see new work from Jay. Starting next year, Jay's focus is going to be film making as Jay and his partner venture into the world of Indie films. Jay has been shooting the male forum for awhile now, and although he has loved it, he feels it is time for something new. That is still a few months away however so until then, hopefully there will be more shoots, models, and characters to explore.

'My vaults are deep and right now I'm doing a lot of sharing from those vaults on my tumblr feed and will continue to keep that going until the internet evolves again and some other new improved thing comes along. I prefer tumblr right now because unlike Deviant Art and Model Mayhem and other sites, I don't have to think about my content before I put it out there. '

I can share whatever image I feel like sharing at the moment whether it's some beautifully poetic, soft and romantic nude or something more erotic in nature. It's all good out there in tumblr land. For an artist like me who shoots such a wide variety of content I really like not having to edit myself.'

Another Listen

In the aftermath of the loss of Robin Williams many looked to remember his greatness by watching his films. Although I loved his turns in his big movies like Mrs. Doubtfireand Dead Poet Society, two of my favorite Robin movies were maybe not his best films. For different reasons, in the weeks following his death I re-watched two of films that meant the most to me, Jumanji and The Night Listener.

Jumanji was a flawed film, but I was still young enough to get caught up in the magic when I joined a group of friends at the theatre to see it. I am a sucker for any movie where elephants and rhino's run through a city. I remember Jumanji not just as a film, but as the cap to a wonderful day and night before adult hood really took hold.

The Night Listener I saw on DVD, alone on cold winter's night. The atmosphere outside my home mirrored the chilly temperature inside the movie, dark, creepy and disturbing. The Night Listener won't be everyone's cup of tea, much like One Hour Photo, there is very little to enjoy about the film other than to bath in the darkness and enjoy the incredible performances. Williams is joined in the film by the wonderful Toni Collette, Bobby Cannavale, Sandra Oh and Rory Culkin.

Macaulay's younger brother has had an interesting career. I don't really remember Rory in his first film, his brother's The Good Son, I think it was Signs that really had me notice him as an actor. Rory has that almost ethereal quality, delicate yet fierce, ghostly even, but beautiful. Sad blue eyes that are equally mesmerizing and distant. Rory's career choices have been interesting ones and his acting career quickly surpassed that of his brother. Of course it would be hard to top the fame Macaulay garnered from Home Alone, but Rory seems in it for the long hall, working steadily, but not enough to be over exposed or to start taking roles just to pad his resume.

In The Night Listener, Rory plays the son, maybe... of Toni Collette. Through just a few well written scenes, Rory creates a disturbing picture of trauma played out through is connection with William's character Gabriel. If you haven't seen the movie, and you are looking for a fun movie night, this is not the flick for you, but if you want to get caught up in a dark, physiological drama, give this filma try.

Twelve (2010)

Lymelife (2008)