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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 7th

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Happy Birthday today July 7th

Happy 63rd to actor Billy Campbell!

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A little speedo action on Star Games (1985)

You can see a low quality video from Star Games on Youtube HERE:

Billy's beautiful backside in Once & Again (1999)

Seasonal Sightings:

Wer ist er?

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Pride & Joy : Simm by TR Pics

'I never really gave myself the self love that I deserved.  Working with Tom, and seeing the final images, really showed me all that I have accomplished.'

I love the confidence expressed by Simm in the quote above, especially given Simm's journey to believe in himself wasn't always an easy one.  It was also meaningful that I was introduced to Simm by photographer Tom Rubeck a(TR Pics) through their PRIDE themed imagery.  Simm was one of the models that I featured last month with my PRIDE themed Seasonal Sightings series. 

I wanted to celebrate the month with some of my favorite artists and models and their work together really stood out.  So much so, that after posting the PRIDE shots, I quickly got in touch with both Tom and Simm about sharing more of their work, and the story of how their creative collaboration came about.

Tom and Simm had first met this past April through Instagram and quickly began chatting about a possible photoshoot.  Tom thought Simm seemed very eager and really loved his look in the selfies he had posted.   The first shoot went really well and Tom shares that they both loved the images so much a second shoot was planned six weeks later.

'Simm has made some amazing progress in the past few years, getting his body where he wants it. He now takes great pride in his accomplishments, and I think that's why he agreed to shoot with me in the first place.   I could tell he definitely knows his body and how to "pose". I just had to work with him so the lighting was the best. . We are both very happy with what he delivered, and are thinking about shooting again  soon!'

It was a shame that during  PRIDE month, shortly after discovering Tom's work with Simm, Instagram chose to shut down and block the TR Pics Instagram page.  While Tom continues to fight the Instagram block, and their censorship of the male form in art, Tom has been concentrating on his Twitter page, recently adding many new models and shots.

Simm's Story:

What first drew you to modeling? 
I’ve always been interested in fashion while growing up since Middle School years. High School is when I joined the Fashion Club and started modeling in fashion shows throughout my high school years. I never thought of walking the runway but seeing others strut down the red carpet was amazing to see. 
Did you always plan on modeling nude? 
Not necessarily, I always thought it would make others think differently of me. Whenever I started my fitness journey, I told myself I am doing this for myself, not for other people. My goal is to be comfortable and look sexy while nude. 

Was it a difficult decision to make? 
It was something to think about...I was already a shy guy as it is, I never thought to even do photo shoots that included me in nude. It took a lot of consideration and I honestly just said, " fuck it. What is there to lose?

What have been your favorite experiences modeling so far? 
One of my favorite experiences is being able to be myself. Learning new poses every time and actually seeing yourself through the lens and from a camera's point of view. That was one of the most exciting things that I never knew would happen. The laughter and excitement from Tom has been one of my favorite experiences. 

Did you discuss with Tom the theme/concept or poses ahead of time? 
Tom had asked me what was the story behind me wanting to do the shoot. I told him it would be my first time doing a professional photoshoot, and I had mentioned my fitness journey. What persuaded me even more is what Tom said. He said this would be a great opportunity to see you grow while being on the fitness journey. 
I was super nervous at first as I didn't know what to expect.  I would look at poses that he had posted of other guys previously and kind of mirror them. I left with a big smile on my face because of how free I felt when doing the photoshoot. Tom made me feel comfortable to be myself, and that's what it's all about.  

When it comes to erection shots, did you plan them, or did they just occur in the moment? 
It's a little bit of both, I struggle to stay hard already. It's a lot of mind and thinking.  My favorite shots though, would honestly be of my cheeks. Who doesn't love a good ass? 

Do you have a favorite moment from the shoot and your work with Tom? 
One of my favorite moments was for the Pride photoshoot. It was hard when I was coming out and it took me back to when I had told my family I was gay. Showing my pride and joy is what made me who I am today. Being able to strut with a colorful flag to represent the LGBTQIA is honestly a blessing.