Sunday, December 6, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 7th

Chris Vogue by TR Pics
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Thespian Torsos

A Tantalizing Trimming

If you follow model Andrew Biernat on Instagram, you've probably been enjoying his Christmas tree decorating videos. If you'missed the, enjoy them below.  Even if you've seen them, I'm sure it won't be a chore to have a festive re-watch.

12 Days: Adrian Holmes in The Christmas Doctor

'A travelling locum doctor finds love and a home at her latest assignment in Willowbrook'

So, I finally had time to watch my second Christmas movie, and I really enjoyed The Christmas Doctor.  It had all the usual Hallmark movie tropes, the beautiful woman moving to a small town, finding love, and deciding to stay.  This one had a few unique twist, including the big twist about how Dr. Zoey (Holly Robinson-Peete) happened to come to this particular town. 

The acting was a step above most Hallmark movie's I've seen, especially Robinson Peete and her leading man Luke played by the ultra hot Adrian Holmes.  The Welsh-Canadian actor is best known for his role on the Bravo cop show 19-2 but has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, including a turn on many shows from, and filmed in Canada. 

Holmes and his family moved from North Wales to Vancouver when he was just a kid and he started acting professionally when he was still a teenager.  Holmes appeared on a variety of television shows including;  Neon Rider, The Outer Limits, Out of Order, Jeremiah, True Justice, V-Wars, Arrow and Smallville.   Check out another 12 Days piece, featuring Adrian's co-star, actor Fred Henderson (Dr. Ray) on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

12-2 (2014-2017)

Under Normal Circumstances.... Chris Vogue by TR Pics

'When I placed some of Chris' images on my Instagram, I received many comments on how nice it was to see a "normal" model on my page.'

Normal is such an ambiguous and often misleading word.  For some, especially those struggling, looking, feeling or just being normal can be a positive thing.  For others, there is no greater insult than being considered normal.  I think we all know, much like Santa Clause, normal is really just a myth, It's something we as humans have created to measure and label, usually to make us feel better about ourselves.   It often however, has the opposite effect, most baselines usually do.  

I completely understand the use of normal in the contest of describing Tom's work with Chris.  At the same time however, it didn't fit for me.  When I was recently going through Tom's portfolio, it was his images of Chris that really stood out to me.  Maybe it in part it was his sensual curves, but I was also struck by his beautiful face and smile and how organically sexy Tom's series with Chris was.

The only normal thing for me, was the theme.  At this time of year, between Thanksgiving and New Year's, I think most of us do more naked late night trips to the kitchen.  At this time of year, you're more likely find something good int he fridge, like cold leftover dressing, or sweets and squares that you can only find in December.  I especially loved Tom's shot of Chris bending over with his head in the refrigerator.  Wonder if he found anything tasty...

Now, speaking of normal, under normal circumstances Chris would never have been posing stark naked in a kitchen with a photographer snapping snapping away taking images.  Chris had never modeled before this shoot, let alone modeled completely naked.  Sometimes however, circumstances lead to new and unique opportunities....  

'When the Covid-19 pandemic first started, pretty much all of my shoots dried up, so I kind of took a break, along with the rest of the world. But as the months went by, everyone became more used to doing "normal" things, and my shoots kicked back up.'

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