Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 31st

Workin' for his Rent Cheque
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Happy Birthday today August 31st

Happy 74th to actor Richard Gere!

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Red Corner (1997)

With his impressive nudity resume, I knew actor Richard Gere must have had a CMNM scene in there somewhere.  After a little research, he actually had a few.  These caps from Gere's turn in the 1997 mystery Red Corner.

Clothed Male / Nude Male

Although I've featured many CMNM themed images and videos this past summer, these images are some favorites that didn't fit in with the other themes I've featured.  Let's start with the shot below, our exaggerated vision of what going through an airport check is like.

So many CMNM scenarios take place in the doctor's office. At least many of the ones in adult films.  I did a piece featuring the theme earlier this month, (Say Aah) but focused mostly on vintage black and white shots.  These were two others that didn't fit the theme.

Oh My!  I'm not sure if the guy in the background is hot and bothered that his fellow shopper is naked, or that he's manhandling the eggplant.

The shot below makes me chuckle.  Everyone seems to act as if the two guys, one in a mawashi and one totally naked, is just totally normal.   No one seems the least bothered or bewildered, and no one is even sneaking a look.

I'm guessing these sports events took place somewhere in Europe, as if they were in the States, some republican would be looking to ban all school in sports.  Well.. maybe not Lindsey Graham or Jim Jordan who would ask for season tickets.

1 shirt, and so much skin, love the ratio for this shirts and skins game.

When I played hockey, we never went out on the ice in a jock-strap, but I'm guessing we can thank Michael Ontkean's iconic scene in Slapshot, for the guys stripping down below.

I thought the shot below might be from a movie, but couldn't find out any other info.  Anyone have any idea?

The shot below is one of my favorites.  I've looked for more from the series and event, but haven't had much success.  I've certainly heard of lumberjack contests, but never heard of a naked one.  If anyone knows of any more from this series or event, shoot me a line!

Biting the Bullet

'Paroled after 8 years in prison, Bullet's picked up by his brother and a friend. Bullet assaults a drug dealer and two customers. Things escalate.'

When it comes to major motion pictures featuring the CMNM theme, especially one incorporating themes of embarrassment and humiliation, one of the most popular is the 1996 action drama Bullet.  In the classic scene, the clothed actors are Mickey Rourke, John Enos III and Adrian Brody.   The nude actors were played by Joseph Dain and Fatmir Haskaj.

Joseph Dain

Rourke and Enos aren't trying to make things fun or erotic, although Rourke's character certainly seems to enjoy the humiliation aspect of having the two punks, (their official IMDB credit) strip down to their birthday suits.  He even implies he may want a little more from them than just their clothes, money and drugs.

Fatmir Haskaj

Both Dain and Haskaj play their roles perfectly, with the perfect blend of anger and embarrassment.  The fact that we get a little peek of Haskaj's red pubes, makes the scene even hotter.  I'm not a huge fan or Rourke, and have never actually seen this film from start to finish, but I did just get a copy and plan to watch it all, mostly to enjoy more of the studly John Enos III.

Rent Cheque

'I tried paying my rent with a smile, but my landlord wanted cash.'

I'm not sure a smile can cover the rent, especially in today's economy, but stripping off your clothes, might help get you over the hump.  That's the idea behind Rent Cheque, a Vancouver based strip club for amateurs only.  If anyone in the area needs a little extra cash, the monthly amateur stripping contest can net you an extra $500 to help with rent or expenses.

I had never heard for the contest, until seeing some images from the event on Gro Bro, one of my favorite Twitter pages.   I knew I had to find out, and see more.  I easily found the events Instagram Page which links to the main page and Flickr page.  Thanks to Gro Bo, I learned the Flickr page contains hundreds of images from the previous years contensts.

As hot as it is seeing incredibly good looking guys stripping off their clothes, there's nothing like seeing an average guy taking it all off, usually, for the very first time.  Rent Cheque promote contestants of all ages, all genders and all body types, everybody is welcome to give it a go!

I enjoyed boing through the past contests, seeing guys with different looks, with a variety of ages and body shapes and sizes represented. I was especially impressed with how so many put so much work into their themes, and the costumes which quickly ended up on the floor of the stage.

There were guys stripping all alone, guys stripping with their girlfriends or boyfriends.  There were guys stripping with a friend or buddy, and occasionally, even a small group of friends or couples.  Given that both men and women are able to compete, the audience was also full of both men and women making it the perfect cfmn/cmnm event.

What I loved most of all was how fun the event looked and what a great time everyone seemed to be having.  If I ever make it back to Vancouver, I'll certainly be paying a visit.  Let's just hope I don't spend my rent cheque on tips, and need a little extra for the first of the month myself.

Although I applaud the guys stripping solo, I think if I ever was to get up on stage, I'd like to drag along a buddy with me so the spotlight wasn't only on me.  The guys below seem to be having a ball.